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For seven years, SOLES has sponsored the annual Spotlight on Education: A Speaker Series. The series provides a space to hear and discuss world-class, cutting edge, visionary thinking. It is a venue for principals and other site administrators, teacher leaders, central office administrators, university students and professors of educational administration, as well as business leaders to hear the insights and perspectives from researchers and educators. The Spotlight Speaker Series provides an excellent opportunity for leadership teams at the district or school level to attend a session, return to their respective workplaces and engage in professional dialogue around topics and themes presented. Educators from all of the 42 area school districts, local community colleges and the County Office of Education have been participants at our sessions.

This year’s theme will parallel SOLES' newest center, the Mobile Technology Learning Center. Our speakers will provide participants with broad perspectives on the future of schooling, given the overwhelmingly popular use of mobile technology learning devices by students at all age levels. This future schooling will involve new pedagogy to ensure that students become lifelong learners, and given the transition to 21st century learning standards, our speakers will touch on topics of communication, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and creativity.

2013/2014 Spotlight on Education schedule

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