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CEPAL Current Projects

Health & Wellness – Encinitas Union School District: CEPAL is currently in the 2nd year of evaluating the effects of the “On the Mat” (yoga) and “Through my Actions” (character education) components of EUSD’s program.

Health & Wellness – Monarch School: Similar to EUSD, CEPAL will analyze the program’s impact on student self-regulation and calm.

Health & Wellness – New York City Schools: CEPAL has partnered with Long Island University faculty to support a study that builds upon the research in EUSD.

Health & Wellness – Cajon Valley (Patch): CEPAL has engaged Cajon Valley Union School District to evaluate their pilot yoga and physical education program that began this spring. The program integrates the practice of yoga with a physical education obstacle course, Patch Fitness. Researchers are studying the program outcomes. 

Early Childhood Learning and STEM: CEPAL researchers are currently working on building the internal capacity of the center to better understand the field of early childhood STEM learning in the context of the newly developed Next Generation Science Standards, a complement to the Common Core State Standards. This project focuses on extensive reviews of the literature in areas including STEM learning, early childhood development, access to STEM for historically underrepresented groups, the Next Generation Science Standards, the Common Core State Standards, Makerspaces and the Maker Movement, and avenues for non-profit and policy work centered on STEM fields.  CEPAL researchers are currently writing an article based off of this research that centers on the connection between the informal science learning activities that take place in maker spaces and the K-12 educational system.

Pedagogy and Environment Fit: In collaboration with SDSU, CEPAL is continuing the research at e3 Civic High School to better understand the manner in which specific design elements fit with the intended pedagogy of an urban high school.

Law and Politics of Educational Policy Development Course:  An inside look on how educational policy is formulated, the School of Law and the School of Leadership and Education Studies co-sponsor this seminar under the auspices of CEPAL.

San Diego Catholic Diocese: CEPAL has partnered with Bishop Cirilo Flores and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego to develop a better understanding of the current state of the local diocesan Catholic schools.  This study centers on examining the challenges that local schools currently face in relation to the national Catholic school trends of declining enrollments and school closures.  In addition, this research focuses on locating the foundational pieces of the schools that can be sustained and developed from in the future.   CEPAL researchers have deployed a diocesan-wide survey and interview campaign for all diocesan stakeholders.  The findings from this study will be used by the Catholic Diocese of San Diego to develop plans and strategies to strengthen and sustain Catholic education in local communities.

Enhancing Communication

San Diego Linked Learning: In collaboration with the California Department of Education (CDE) and ConnectEd, The University of San Diego, five LEAs, and the Long Beach Unified School District (serving as a mentoring district), the project will develop a regional approach to Linked Learning, conduct intensive needs and capacity assessments in the region and in each of the five districts, and produce by April 2014 a comprehensive plan for implementing systems of Linked Learning in the San Diego County region.