About Action Research

What is Action Research?

Action Research is practitioner-based research.  In action research questions arise from the context of practice.  For example, a school counselor may ask- how can I support the college-going culture of my immigrant students?  A museum educator may ask- how can the experiences of museum visitors be enhanced?  In both cases, the practitioner will ask the questions, implement actions based on their experiences and collaborations with colleagues, and engage in collaborative reflection.  The goal of action research is continual, context-based, improvement.

How is it different from traditional research?

One of the major differences between traditional and action research deals with from whom the research question arises.  In traditional research, questions often arise from independent researchers who have limited knowledge or investment in the context that they are studying.  In action research, practitioners ask questions based on the needs of those who they work closely with.  They implement interventions and reflect on those interventions with the intention of continual improvement.

What books would be helpful?

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What conferences should I attend?

What is the relationship to lesson study?

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