Action Research

Resources for practitioners, students, researchers, and theorists interested in exploring the role that action research plays in improving educational practice and community life in general are offered within SOLES. These resources are designed to support the practice of action research and to provide a forum for advancing the development of theory and social innovations linked to the use of action research, and include ideas, examples and working documents on action research related to education and community life.

We have a very active group of action research practitioners, scholars, teachers, and enthusiasts here at SOLES, and these pages are where we share our work. As you will see, the work continues to evolve, so we hope you will visit these pages often.

SOLES now has an Action Research Office. Come by and visit when you are on campus. The Action Research Office is located in MRH 122B.

A new SOLES Action Research Committee will guide the action research initiative taking place across SOLES’ departments. The current committee members include Noriyuki Inoue, Chair (Learning and Teaching), Sandy Buczynski (Learning and Teaching), Linda Dews (Dean's Office), Cheryl Getz (Leadership Studies), Mary McDonald (Leadership Studies), Lonnie Rowell (School, Family and Mental Health Professions).

For more information, visit our the Action Research Conference Page