Centers and Research

The University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences faculty, students, staff and alumni are involved in the preparation of educational leaders via several academic centers and institutes. Numerous opportunities are available through our centers and institutes for those who seek to do research, take coursework, or do in-depth study in their chosen field.

Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research

Caster Center photo

The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research provides research, evaluation, and consulting services that build the leadership and strategic- and evaluative-thinking capacity of local nonprofits as well as to be the leading source of information, data, and research on the local nonprofit sector.

Character Education Resource Center


The Character Development Center serves teacher educators, students in teacher education programs, K-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, parents and caregivers who desire to participate in the character development of children and youth.

Conscious Leadership Academy


Conscious Leadership Academy draws from USD faculty experts and students to provide individualized leadership training, coaching and consulting. With a strong commitment to leadership that promotes social change for the common good, the CLA strives to develop conscious leaders who are prepared to meet the complex challenges they face in their communities, their social circles, and in today’s global organizations.

Educational Leadership Development Academy


The Educational Leadership Development Academy (ELDA) is a collaboration with local school districts designed to produce and build a pool of high quality principals and instructional leaders that can successfully lead the improvement of instruction in their schools.

Global Center


The Global Center supports the School of Leadership and Education Sciences's mission and promise to prepare students with the professional knowledge, skills, and ethical perspectives they will need for effective leadership and practice in a diverse society.

Hansen Summer Institute


The Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation is an exciting international program funded by a generous grant from the Fred J. Hansen Foundation. Since 2007 150 students from 130 countries have participated in the program. The Institute conducts leadership, conflict resolution, and social entrepreneurship training.

Jacob's Institute for Innovation in Education


The Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education (IEE) is a non-profit, university-based research center. Merging research and practice, in partnership with school districts we (re)design learning to close opportunity gaps in a changing world through our Innovative Teaching & Learning and World of Work initiatives.

The Nonprofit Institute


The Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research educates leaders and advances best practices in the nonprofit and philanthropic community through academic excellence, applied learning, and research that examines issues of strategic importance to the sector.

Manchester Family Child Development Center


The primary goal at the Manchester Family Child Development Center is to offer children a safe environment in which to grow, learn, and collaborate, promoted by engaging them in a variety of learning experiences.