Mariko Peshon

PhD Leadership Studies

Tell us about your background

I received my bachelors degree from UC Davis where I majored in Sociology: Law and Society. Upon graduating I moved to Washington DC where I was recruited to work for DC Public Schools on former Chancellor Michelle Rhee's Critical Response Team focusing on special education.

Why did you choose SOLES?

I found SOLES while searching for graduate school programs and what made it stand out was the uniqueness of the individualized option. My work and interests do not necessarily fit into one defined category and the opportunity to expand my studies into other areas during the program has enhanced my learning significantly. 

Have you participated in an international experience?

For my international experience, I participated in the Global Center's trip to Mondragon, Spain. 

Are there specific SOLES faculty that have contributed to your success?

Dr. Zachary Green has significantly influenced my academic and professional trajectory. He has guided me in the right direction, but has never told me what todo or see. In his eyes, I am accountable for my potential, which has developed my capacity for achieving it.