Daniel Savory

MA Leadership Studies

About Me

I was born in Norfolk, England and completed my undergraduate degree in Sports Management in West Virginia. Throughout my university life, I have been a men's soccer student athlete. I played three years there and moved to the University of San Diego for graduate school, where I finished my final year in soccer. 

I heard about SOLES through an assistant soccer coach that had taken the course and decided to apply because our career goals are very similar. I started the program in September 2015 and I expect to graduate in May 2017.

What do you hope to do with your degree and/or credential, and why?

I hope to use my degree to help me become a better soccer coach and progress into management of my professional team.  My experiences at SOLES will help me understand my team’s dynamics and also what effective leadership styles work with my group of players.

Which class has impacted you the most? Why?

LEAD 551 has impacted me the most.  The Leadership for Change Conference was an experience like nothing else and gave me the opportunity to see groups, systems, individuals and their behaviors in many different situations. 

Is there anything specific you would like to share with prospective students?

SOLES is an amazing place.  Very close community with faculty easily approachable.  The classes are very well thought out and linked with other classes.  The experience is so different to my past and has given me the opportunity to see a different way of learning. All the faculty have supported me in areas where I needed help and therefore have all made my experience here at SOLES and enjoyable one. It has been a great self-reflection experience after my first semester and in sports it is very important to analyze performances to see where improvements can be made.