Ashley Gisiger

MA in Higher Education Leadership

About Me

I was born in Boston, MA, raised in San Diego, CA and returned to the east coast for my undergraduate degree and the start of my career in higher education.  I am a graduate of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. After graduating in 2011, I worked for my alma mater in the Office of Admission for four years.  I am grateful to be in San Diego receiving my Masters in Higher Education Leadership and am eager to return to the field when I graduate in 2017. 

What do you hope to do with your degree and/or credential, and why?

While I am considering a variety of types of positions through this program, my passion is in the work of an admission office or enrollment management. I took great pride in being able to represent my alma mater, serve as a resource for students and their families during the admission process and working with many different campus constituencies.  I look forward to returning to that type of work after I graduate at a mission driven intuition.

Are you currently working? If so, do you work full-time, part time, and what do you do?

Currently, I am serving as a graduate assistant at the University of San Diego in the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts and Science.  I am enjoying the exposure to academic affairs, which is reinforcing how interconnected a university community is and I am learning a lot from the wonderful faculty, staff and administrators at USD.

Have you completed an international experience? What did you do?

In January of 2016 I participated in a global studies course called Community Models of Leadership in Sri Lanka.  This was a once in a lifetime experience that provided me with a better understanding of eastern tradition, a grassroots social movement and myself as I traveled with a group of classmates and explored the beautiful country of Sri Lanka for two weeks during intersession.

Is there anything specific you would like to share with prospective students?

As someone who was working full time while applying to graduate school and knew that making the decision to attend was going to involve a relocation—consider what is right for you, personally too.  I am fortunate that USD was the right fit for me academically, professionally with my assistantship and allows me to be close to family.  Your graduate experience will go by faster than you think, so take the opportunity to be in a place that is right for you—whatever that means!