Gregory Bobrinskoy

Master's Credential Cohort Program: Secondary Education

When did you begin your program, and when do you anticipate completing it?

Fall 2013 – Spring 2015

What do you hope to do with your degree and/or credential after graduation?

I hope to teach high school history in San Diego.

How did you hear about SOLES, and why did you choose to enroll?

Talking to people in the San Diego and wider Southern California education community I learned how highly regarded the University of San Diego, and SOLES in particular, are among teachers and administrators. SOLES graduates have great success in finding teaching jobs upon graduation. There are SOLES graduates teaching throughout the county who boast of the great experience they had. These reasons were more than enough to convince me to enroll.

Are you currently working? If so, do you work full-time or part-time, and what do you do?

I have a job on campus and part time student teach at Mira Mesa High School as part of my program.

Tell us about any internships, graduate assistantships, student teaching, practicum or fieldwork you have done through SOLES. Where did you work, what did you do, and how did it impact you?

I spent the first semester of the year observing a teacher at Mira Mesa High School and occasionally teaching his class as part of my practicum. I was asked back for my part time teaching requirement this semester and have had a tremendous experience. I have been given a great amount of autonomy and responsibility. SOLES is great at finding its students teaching placements that best help them grow as teachers.

How has your SOLES education impacted you?

My SOLES education has provided with me invaluable teaching methods, many of which I have already implemented in the classroom. It has also taught me a great deal about the education system in America. A great deal of what I have learned in my classes is applicable to my daily teaching experiences. The best part of SOLES has been the professors. Class sizes are small enough to gain meaningful relationships with professors who have a wealth of information to offer. I can talk to my current professors about a lesson I recently implemented and receive great feedback about how I could tweak it to accommodate certain students. I have loved the first year of my SOLES education.

Which class or classes have impacted you the most?

I took a great ‘methods’ class first semester with a professor who showed me how to view teaching from a completely different perspective. I thought that as a History teacher I needed to figure out how to get students to love history as I do. Over the course of the semester I learned how to teach for understanding. I learned how to teach students skills they would need the rest of their lives. I learned how I could teach students to think critically, to provide feedback that leads to improvement, and how to assess student development. It completely changed how I approached teaching and I am very grateful to have learned this at the beginning of my teaching career.

Is there anything else you would like to share with prospective students?

SOLES is great for the community of students you join to share your experiences with and learn from. I have made great friends in my program and they have helped me immeasurably with the obstacles we all share and learn from as teachers.