Brittney Coker

Master's Credential Cohort Program: Secondary Education

When did you begin your program, and when do you anticipate completing it?

I began Fall 2013 and intend on completing the credential December 2014 and Masters June 2015.

What do you hope to do with your degree and/or credential after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to be working in a 9th grade English class that incorporates technology into the curriculum.

After graduation, I hope to be working in a 9th grade English class that incorporates technology into the curriculum.

I grew up in San Diego and knew of the reputation SOLES held throughout the county. Anytime I discussed my career aspirations with someone from the education community, they would mention the program and the great things alumni were doing for education.

Tell us about any internships, graduate assistantships, student teaching, practicum or fieldwork you have done through SOLES. Where did you work, what did you do, and how did it impact you?

My practicum placement was at High Tech High Chula Vista in a 9th grade Humanities class. The placement taught me how to create a collaborative learning environment and provide my students with a level of unconditional teaching that places the students’ well-being above anything else. I was also able to experience project-based learning and discover how beneficial interdisciplinary teaching can be to students’ learning. I am currently working on completing my part-time student teaching placement in an 8th grade English class at Lewis Middle School. I am placed with the English Department Chair and have learned a great deal about classroom management and English instruction. Due to the tremendous experience of my Master Teacher, I have learned a great deal about how to cultivate student readers, teach writing, and how to manage a diverse group of student personalities.

How has your SOLES education impacted you?

My SOLES education has taught me a great deal about myself as both a person and a professional educator. I have discovered a passion for driving student confidence and developing relationships with my students. I have learned that students have diverse needs and experiences, and, as their teacher, I am not only there to teach them, but to also be a source of support to them. The program has also taught me how to recognize my faults and grow from them as a person, recognizing that learning never ends.

Which class or classes have impacted you the most?

The class that has impacted me the most was the Multicultural and Philosophical Foundations in a Global Society. My professor, Veronica Garcia, spent a great deal of the semester on the school to prison pipeline and the history of multicultural education in America. From this, I learned a great deal about the current state of education in our country and how I can, as an educator, make a change within my classroom.

Are there any specific SOLES faculty, staff or administrators you feel have contributed significantly to your success? How have they helped?

Michele McConnell has contributed so much to my success. She has helped me manage chasing my dreams of becoming a professional educator while navigating the ups and downs life presents. She is always available to discuss anything and has an amazing intuition. Like many of the faculty at SOLES, she is not only there to teach, she is there to push me to be a better person inside and outside the classroom.

Is there anything else you would like to share with prospective students?

The cohort model that is established within the MCC program has been a large part of my growth and successes. The opportunity to take classes with the same people each semester has allowed me to discover other likeminded pre-professionals that I can collaborate with, both inside and outside the classroom. It has allowed me to create better teaching practices and stronger assignments.