Larissa Campos

MA Counseling, specialization in School Counseling with Pupil Personnel Services Credential


Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 10 years)

Expected Graduation Date

Spring 2018

What do you hope to do with your degree and credential, and why?

With my degree in Counseling and PPS credential, I hope to become an elementary school counselor. I believe that preventative work is really important, and the earlier children are exposed to counseling the better. I also enjoy working with young children and being around their high level of energy!

Have you completed an international experience? What did you do?

Yes! I am one of Dr. Martin's research assistants, and last year (Fall 2016) he invited another student and me to participate in a conference in Italy. The purpose of the trip was for us to start one of his international research projects by interviewing some of the main school counseling experts around the world. We spent 10 days in the charming medieval city of Verona (the city is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet). We also had the chance to visit an international school and learn more about their educational system. Of course Italy is famous for its amazing pizzas and pastas, and the restaurants there were just one of the main highlights of this unforgettable trip! We loved this experience so much that we both signed up for a class this semester (Spring 2017) that is going to Santiago, Chile. We are going in May 2017 and I am super excited to continue to learn about school counseling around the world!

Which class has impacted you the most? Why?

The Ethics class with Dr. Cameron in our first semester was definitely very impactful and my favorite so far! Since I did not attend school in the US, I had a lot to learn about "the world of school counselors". This class provided me with all the info I needed to get a better understanding of my future role as a counselor. I believe the same is also true for my American classmates - we all learned so much! Dr. Cameron is very knowledgeable and has a ton of experience with kids of all ages. She also provided us with great resources for the future. She encourages you to think outside the box, be creative, be authentic and become the best counselor you can be! 

Is there anything specific you would like to share with prospective students?

SOLES is an amazing place! People are warm and friendly, and our faculty are excellent! The classes are fun and informative, and the atmosphere is more of "collaboration" than "competition". I was very scared to move to San Diego and start a new life here, but at this point I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made! There are so many opportunities at SOLES, and you will quickly grow personally and professionally. Additionally, our school counseling program is one of the best in the country. If you are passionate about school counseling and don't mind the beautiful sunshine, SOLES is definitely the place for you.