Courtney Parker

MA Counseling, specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

What is your background? For example, where are you from, where else have you earned a degree, and where have you worked?

I acquired a bachelor's degree in Psychology, with a minor in Business Administration in Spring 2015 from East Carolina University. I gained an interest in the field of neuropsychology during my undergraduate years and as a result was honored with the opportunity to shadow a certified neurologist for over 100 hours. Soon after, I relocated to San Diego from Greenville, North Carolina to attend the University of San Diego's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program.  

When did you begin your program, and when do you anticipate completing it?

I began the program in the Fall 2015 and I anticipate completing it by Spring 2018.  

What do you hope to do with your degree and/or credential, and why?

After graduating from the program, I would like to work in a mental health facility serving those with psychological disorders. After certification, I am interested in pursuing specializations in neurofeedback to provide care for underserved mental health populations in efforts to promote mental and emotional well-being in those with chronic illness. 

Tell us about any research or independent study you have done at SOLES.

I am currently working with Dr. Johnson's research team on a literature review for a forensic psychology project in relation to juvenile fire setters. I am also currently involved with a project for Dr. Estrada's positive psychology research team.

Have you completed an international experience? What did you do?

I am waiting to begin my international experience in Sweden and Finland in May 2016 to complete the Diagnosis and Treatment Course. I am ready to immerse myself in all the beauty these cultures have to offer!