Lauren Bercha

Master's Credential Cohort Program: Secondary Education

About Me

My hometown is Mission Viejo, CA. I have wanted to be a teacher for a long time, but throughout high school and college I fell in love with science. I went to San Diego State University and graduated with my bachelor’s in Environmental Science. I worked in the environmental health and safety department for a large aerospace company and while I felt my work was making a difference, but I wanted to do more. That is when I chose to be a teacher, I loved science and always wanted to teach so I decided there was not better time than the present to go after what I wanted.

When did you begin your program, and when do you anticipate completing it?

I began in Fall 2015 and I expect to graduate in May 2017.

How did you hear about SOLES, and why did you choose to enroll?

I first heard about SOLES from a mutual friend, and SOLES alumni, at a graduation party. When she heard I was looking at schools to get my credential she strongly insisted I check out the USD SOLES program. The next day I started my research online and met with the outreach office where I learned more about the program. I chose to enroll because the program aligned with my goals and would challenge me to be a better teacher. 

What are your plans for after graduation? What is your dream job?

After graduation I plan to teach! I would love to work in a high science class and teach students about the wonders on biology! Stateside would be great, but I would have to say my dream job is to teach internationally, preferably somewhere in Asia or South America.

Is there anything specific you would like to share with prospective students?

The MCC 1 or 2 year program may look like a lot of work on paper, but it is 100% worth it. The professors, faculty and staff are all there to help you succeed. I absolutely love my cohort and the small classes. The small numbers in my classes open up discussion with the professors and allow them to better help individual students.