Jiaxin Zhou

M.Ed. in TESOL, Literacy and Culture

Jiaxin "Tracy" Zhou was born in Beijing. She attended undergraduate school at Capital Normal University in Beijing and studied Chinese Language and Comparative Literature. Tracy’s interest in teaching English brought her to the University of San Diego to study TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and her goal is to find a job teaching English/Chinese in the United States before going back to China to work for an international school or language training center.

Moving to San Diego has allowed Tracy to fulfill her dream of taking care of herself and becoming independent and she enjoys the university life and the TESOL program, which has brought her a new enthusiasm for learning. Tracy studied acting as a child and in high school and took part in directing two plays while attending undergraduate school. She has also worked for a soccer fan club as a translator and in her free time enjoys reading and the outdoors.