Svetlana Krasynska

Ph.D. in Leadership Studies

Svetlana Krasynska has been actively involved with a multitude of local, national and international nonprofits, serving as CEO, board member, volunteer, executive director, and consultant for over twelve years. While initially working in the field of international business law, Ms. Krasynska had been engaged on a pro bono basis with nonprofits involving international exchange, humanitarian aid, adoption and the arts.

Having left the business arena to dedicate herself to the nonprofit sector on a full-time basis in 2002, she has served in an executive capacity and as a board member locally, nationally and internationally. During the last six years, Ms. Krasynska has been working as a management consultant assisting humanitarian, environmental and arts nonprofits, as well as governmental institutions, through her agency, 501(c)(3) Consulting.

She holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership & Management and is in the process of earning a PhD in Leadership Studies with Nonprofit/Philanthropic Leadership & Management specialization at the University of San Diego. Born and raised in Ukraine, Ms. Krasynska is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.