Professional Administrative Services Credential

Department of Leadership Studies

Program of Study

Please note that this program is currently not enrolling students at this time.


The New Leaders Program (Professional Administrative Services Credential) is a 1-year, 12-unit program combining university coursework, district mentoring, and professional development. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to apply for the Professional Administrative Services Credential in the state of California and may apply coursework toward a MA or PhD in Leadership Studies (if they apply and are admitted to the MA or PhD program).


Professional Administrative Services Credential (12 units)

  Structured Mentoring I
  Structured Mentoring II
  Structured Mentoring III
  School Law
  Supporting Teachers for Instructional Improvement
  Mentoring and Support/Adult Learning I
  Mentoring and Support/Adult Learning II

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the program take me?

Credential students complete their program in 1 year, typically while working full-time.

How many units are included?

The credential program consists of 12 Graduate Units.

When are classes scheduled?

Each class typically meets once per week in the late afternoon or evening for 2 hours and 50 minutes. Credential classes are cohort-based, so each incoming cohort completes the curriculum at the same pace.

Can I work while completing this program?

Yes. Most of our students work full-time while completing this program. The program is designed to accommodate the schedule of a full-time working administrator.