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Our students are incredibly diverse in their backgrounds, research interests and career trajectories. Click here to view our student profiles or read on to learn more about our student and alumni outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: PhD candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 2: PhD candidates will realistically appraise their personal strengths and weaknesses exercising leadership. They will actualize leadership in real and complex situations.

Outcome 3: PhD candidates will be able to use a range of perspectives and theoretical constructs from various social science/humanities disciplines/fields of study to analyze, critique, and make decisions about an array of leadership and organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 4: PhD candidates will demonstrate the methodological skills necessary to design, analyze, critique, and conduct research using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Outcome 5: Students’ written and oral communication will be clear, coherent, well organized, and technically correct. 

Outcome 6: Students will critically examine culture other than own, and apply the knowledge gained within their personal and professional lives.

Alumni Outcomes

There are over 300 alumni of the doctorate in Leadership Studies. Our alumni include professors, researchers, educators, policymakers, school leaders, university administrators, consultants, executive directors of nonprofits, business leaders, and more.

Dissertation Directory

Explore our searchable directory of doctoral alumni below. To learn more about any individual click the arrow to the right of his or her name.

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First Name
Last Name
Year Graduated
RobertWilson2001School-Based Management in Alberta: Perceptions of Public School Leaders 1994-1997More detail
NicholasTrongale2001Changes in Navy Leadership Theory and Practice: Post-VietnamMore detail
NianZhu2001The Effects of Teachers' Flow Experiences on the Cognitive Engagement of StudentsMore detail
RobertPeacock2001First Nations Students: What Teachers Do That Makes Them SuccessfulMore detail
CharlesGirvin III2001The Role of a Middle School Assistant Principal in Establishing and Maintaining Positive School ClimateMore detail
HalynaKornuta2001Teacher Portfolios in the Supervision Process: A Journey of DiscoveryMore detail
LeonaMakokis2001Teachings From Cree Elders: A Grounded Theory Study of Indigenous LeadershipMore detail
CharlesFriedrichs2001The Effect of Professional Growth Opportunities as Determined by California Public High School Instrumental Music TeachersMore detail
ScottBergstrome2001The Relative Importance of Academic Achievement in Determining the Self-Esteem of Students in Rural British Columbia: An Empirical Study of Students in Grades 6, 8, 10 and 12More detail
WilliamConroy III2001A Study of Officers' Opportunities to Use Skills Learned in the Navy's Intermediate Officer Leadership Course on the JobMore detail
JohnJenkins2001Perceptions of International Students and University Personnel of Cultural Adjustment Problems at Two Private UniversitiesMore detail
RonGermaine2001Values Education Influence on Elementary Students' Self-EsteemMore detail
DouglasHoey2001Aligning Practice With Vision: Leadership for Developing Character and Employability AttributesMore detail
NanMcDonald2001Reflective Practices: Collective Case Studies of Selected K-8 General Music Teachers in Peer Problem-Solving Discipline and Management Workshop SettingsMore detail
MaryPadulo2001The Balancing Act: Work Environment Issues for Women With Children in Student AffairsMore detail
DonnaAgan2001The Role of Education in the Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients: A Quantitative Study of the Factors That Influence the Self-Management of Chronic PainMore detail
NievesFlores2002The Implementation of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Provision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities on GuamMore detail
DavidLubofsky2002Supervisor Leadership Style and Counselors Burnout: A Comparative Study of High School Counselors and Rehabilitation CounselorsMore detail
LindaSiefert2002Modeling the Effects of Financial Aid on Student Enrollment Decisions: A Quantitative Case Study of a Private Catholic UniversityMore detail
ConstanceGillan2002A Comparative Case Study: Aircrew Adaptive Decision MakingMore detail
DavidNoyes2002Point Of Transition Service Integration Project: A Multiple-Case Study of a Systems Change InterventionMore detail
SusanBowers Smith2002A Cross Study of Teacher Perceptions of Program Design and Teaching Efficacy: The Seaview Reading Support ProgramMore detail
BrendaCampbell2002Genre Studies: Temporary Homogeneous Grouping to Improve Reading or Merely Another Form of Tracking?More detail
EdwinBasilio2002Veteran Teacher Perceptions of the Grossmont Model of Peer Assistance and Review (PAR). Is It a Viable Alternative to Traditional Teacher Evaluation?More detail
A.Bowden2002Collaborative Leadership In Middle Schools and Teacher Job Satisfaction: A Search for RelationshipsMore detail
AndreMurphy2002Perception And Reality: An Empirical Assessment Of Navy Leadership Styles And Business Process Reengineering OutcomesMore detail
Amy Fraher2002The Development of the Tavistock and Tavistock -Inspired Group Relations Movement in Great Britain and the United States: A Comparative and Historical PerspectiveMore detail
JulieUlloa-Heath2003Leadership Behaviors and Communication Satisfaction: Community Colleges in MicronesiaMore detail
LezleeHaroun2003Making the Transition From the Field to the Classroom: The Experiences of Novice Health Care Instructors at Private Career CollegesMore detail
Shelly Valdez2003Looking Forward, Looking Back, Looking Inward: Lessons From Vital Women Leaders in Old AgeMore detail
RebeccaGillespie2003A Study of Technology Implementation in Two School Districts: The Dynamics of Leadership and ChangeMore detail
Bonnie Dowd2003The Relationship Between Decision-Making and Accountability: A Case Study of Two State Community College SystemsMore detail
MaribelGuillermo2003Higher Education Administrators & Students With Disabilities: A Survey of Administrator Knowledge & Training NeedsMore detail
EllaSloan2003W.E.B. Dubois's \Talented Tenth\: A Pioneering Conception of Transformational Leadership"\""\"""""More detail
MikeDuoto2003Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Repatriated ManagersMore detail
HelenEckmann2003\You Are With Someone Who is a Fighter"\"": Constructing a Model of Personal Transformation That Can Occur in Surviving Breast Cancer\"""""More detail
JennyFerrone2003Enabling Performance Skills: Assessment in Engineering EducationMore detail
Gregory Stump2003Employee Receptivity to Three Hundred Sixty Degree Feedback Systems as a Function of Employee Trust and Employee Commitment: An Exploratory StudyMore detail
Robert Clark2003Leadership Development: Continuous Improvement Through Character AssessmentMore detail
ChristinaChiriboga-Hahn2003An Evaluation Study of a Community College Administrative Leadership Development ProgramMore detail
CharlesAlgaier2003Job Satisfaction, Leadership Styles, and Teaching Practices among CNMI Public Elementary School TeachersMore detail
KurtBarnes2003A Model Health-Related Elementary Physical Education Program for Saipan: Teacher's Knowledge, Attitudes, and PracticesMore detail
WayneBorin2003Influential Factors Contributing to Exercise Compliance Following a Structured Lifestyle Change Program More detail
ElizabethRechebei2003Political Leadership Perceptions on the College of Micronesia System in the Federated States of MicronesiaMore detail
StephaniRichards-Wilson2003An Analysis of the Benefits of an MBA Degree as Reported by a Diverse Graduate Population of a Southwestern UniversityMore detail
DonnaMarriot2003Examining an Observation-Based Model of Professional Development for TeachersMore detail
SusanPayment2003Goddesses in the Union: A Qualitative Study of Women in Leadership Positions in College and University Union SettingsMore detail
EmilySchell2003Exploring Teachers' Experiences with the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher InstituteMore detail
Evangeline San Nicholas2003Instructional Leadership in Guam's Public Elementary SchoolsMore detail
Michelle SandersSantos2003Perceptions of Principal Effectiveness and Teacher Morale: A Study of Public Secondary School Teachers on GuamMore detail
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