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Our students are incredibly diverse in their backgrounds, research interests and career trajectories. Click here to view our student profiles or read on to learn more about our student and alumni outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: PhD candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 2: PhD candidates will realistically appraise their personal strengths and weaknesses exercising leadership. They will actualize leadership in real and complex situations.

Outcome 3: PhD candidates will be able to use a range of perspectives and theoretical constructs from various social science/humanities disciplines/fields of study to analyze, critique, and make decisions about an array of leadership and organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 4: PhD candidates will demonstrate the methodological skills necessary to design, analyze, critique, and conduct research using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Outcome 5: Students’ written and oral communication will be clear, coherent, well organized, and technically correct. 

Outcome 6: Students will critically examine culture other than own, and apply the knowledge gained within their personal and professional lives.

Alumni Outcomes

There are over 300 alumni of the doctorate in Leadership Studies. Our alumni include professors, researchers, educators, policymakers, school leaders, university administrators, consultants, executive directors of nonprofits, business leaders, and more.

Dissertation Directory

Explore our searchable directory of doctoral alumni below. To learn more about any individual click the arrow to the right of his or her name.

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First Name
Last Name
Year Graduated
PamelaPriest1992The Impact of an Integrated Study Skills Program on University of La Verne Adult Undergraduates at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Naval Air Station North IslandMore detail
JanetConant1992Memory Change and Cognitive Function Among the ElderlyMore detail
LoisKnowlton1992Leadership in a Different Voice: An Ethnographic Study of a Latina Chief Executive Officer in a California Community CollegeMore detail
TimothyVonder1992Constructing and Testing Practical Procedures for Describing a Corporate Culture: The Electric TroublemenMore detail
KathleenKrohne1992The Effect of Sexual Harassment on Female Naval Officers: A Phenomenological StudyMore detail
NickiHarrington1993A Survey of Teaching Strategies Used in California Community College Nursing Programs to Foster Critical ThinkingMore detail
BarbaraTrent1993An Evaluation of Student Perceptions of Academic Advising in a RN/BSN Distance Educational Nursing ProgramMore detail
TheresaPeterson1993Leadership Relationships and the SuperintendencyMore detail
StanleyFasci1993A Framework of Transformational Leadership Concepts Proposed for Undergraduate College and University Student Development and Student Affairs Leadership ProgramsMore detail
CarmenBarcena1993Bicultural Women in Monocultural Organizations: Professional Hispanic Women's Experiences of Diversity and Their Recommendations for OrganizationsMore detail
LinellFromm1993District Elections, Redistricting and Recall: A Study of the Fifth District of the City of San Diego, 1988-1991More detail
EthelynShippey1993An Evaluative Study of the Effects of the PIRK Reading Program on Reading and Learning in Development in Learning Disabled Students More detail
DanellGavares1993Empowerment as a Dynamic of the Leadership Relationship: A Study of Two Local Governmental OrganizationsMore detail
RonaldBrice1993Principals in Saskatchewan Rural Schools: Their Leadership Behaviors and School EffectivenessMore detail
RalphSchoenfeld1994Dimensions of Anxiety and Their Effect on an Aspect of the Performance Process: Commission of Mental ErrorsMore detail
JonDavies1994Transforming Leadership in the California Literature Project: Ethnographic Narrative as True FictionMore detail
AnitaRogers1994Barriers to Community: The Development of an Instrument to Assess Components of PrejudiceMore detail
AlanNelson1994Leadership Training of Ministerial Students in Evangelical Institutions of Higher EducationMore detail
JenniferJeffries1994The Leadership of a Superintendent: Putting the California School Reform Movement to WorkMore detail
DanaWalling1994Spirituality and LeadershipMore detail
BarbaraGilliss1994Organizations of the Future: An Analysis of Current Literature and a New ModelMore detail
KarenWarn1994A Model Part-time Bachelor's Degree Program for Adults at California Public Research InstitutionsMore detail
JeffreyGlazer1994Implementing TQM in a College of BusinessMore detail
LeslieCaspi1994The Effect of Reading and Discussing Literature With Strong Women Characters on Sixth Grade Studentsê Sex Stereotype and Occupational AttitudesMore detail
JacquelynFreiberg1994Affecting Change Synergistically: An Interpretive Case Study of Leadership Relationships at Southwest AirlinesMore detail
SusanMitchell1994Creating Campus Climates That Are Free From Sexual Harassment: Implications for Leaders in Higher EducationMore detail
PeterBray1994Leadership in a Quality SchoolMore detail
JudithRauner1995The Impact of Community Service Leadership on Student Development as Perceived by Student LeadersMore detail
PortMartin1995Development of a Participative Approach to Guide Organizational Change: Reviewing the Sawtooth TechniqueMore detail
StevenRobbins1995Women and Men in Collaborative Working Partnerships: Connecting Two Disparate Modes of ExperienceMore detail
AlysonCaouette1995The Phenomenon of Flow Among Classroom Teachers and the Implications for Leadership PracticeMore detail
SuzanneMacRenato1995Experiences of Moral Commitment: A Phenomenological StudyMore detail
KathrynSkube1995Self-Esteem: A Descriptive Study of Students of San Diego Unified School District at Grades 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 Related to Components of Self EsteemMore detail
DebraWright1995Meeting Graduate Student Needs Through Alternative Programs: An Analysis of the Impact of Factors Related to Student ChoiceMore detail
DebraCullinane1995The Influence of Control Theory and Reality Therapy on Educators: A Case StudyMore detail
R.Israel1995Leadership: Personal Narratives of PractitionersMore detail
SandraHill1995A Decade of Home Schooling in Saskatchewan, Canada 1984-1995: A Case StudyMore detail
VernaSchmidt1995Awakening Institutions: A Delphi StudyMore detail
DoreneMcLaughlin1996An Evaluative Case Study of the Effects of a Learning Style Awareness Program for Ninth Graders at an Independent SchoolMore detail
JacquelineFitzpatrick1996Women Mentoring Women: A Phenomenological StudyMore detail
DouglasPlayer1996The Identification of Behavioral Indicators of a Superintendent's Leadership Success: A Delphi StudyMore detail
SusanJohnston1996The Experiences of Mid-Career Elementary TeachersMore detail
MaryMartel1996School Reform: Leadership Through Shared Decision MakingMore detail
AdolfoGonzales1996Historical Case Study: San Diego and Tijuana Border Region Relationship With the San Diego Police Department 1957-1994More detail
JanetLittrell1996Integrating Knowledge and Action: A Study of Leadership in the Development of Masters Degree Programs in Liberal StudiesMore detail
VictoriaHalsey1996The Secondary School Assistant PrincipalMore detail
JanSecrist1996Voices of Midlife Tomboys: A Narrative StudyMore detail
FrederickPreston1997A Measure of Perceived Power in Influencing Change Among Selected Education Participants in AlbertaMore detail
JosephRaffa1997Clashing Cultures or Collaborating Networks: A Study of Organization Culture in Breast Cancer PreventionMore detail
ChristineCecil1997Enter the Water Carriers: Embracing Parenting Experience in Work TeamsMore detail
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