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Our students are incredibly diverse in their backgrounds, research interests and career trajectories. Click here to view our student profiles or read on to learn more about our student and alumni outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: PhD candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 2: PhD candidates will realistically appraise their personal strengths and weaknesses exercising leadership. They will actualize leadership in real and complex situations.

Outcome 3: PhD candidates will be able to use a range of perspectives and theoretical constructs from various social science/humanities disciplines/fields of study to analyze, critique, and make decisions about an array of leadership and organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 4: PhD candidates will demonstrate the methodological skills necessary to design, analyze, critique, and conduct research using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Outcome 5: Students’ written and oral communication will be clear, coherent, well organized, and technically correct. 

Outcome 6: Students will critically examine culture other than own, and apply the knowledge gained within their personal and professional lives.

Alumni Outcomes

There are over 300 alumni of the doctorate in Leadership Studies. Our alumni include professors, researchers, educators, policymakers, school leaders, university administrators, consultants, executive directors of nonprofits, business leaders, and more.

Dissertation Directory

Explore our searchable directory of doctoral alumni below. To learn more about any individual click the arrow to the right of his or her name.

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Last Name
Year Graduated
LawrenceMattes1982The Identification of Spanish-Speaking Children With Speech and Language Handicaps: An Analysis of Current Assessment Practices in Speech and Language Therapy Programs With Proposed Assessment GuidelinesMore detail
GailPrentiss1983A Study of the Organizational Effectiveness of the Academic Senate for California Community CollegesMore detail
GeorgeCameron1984The Effects of Clinical and Traditional Supervision Methods on the Satisfaction Levels of Higher and Lower-Order Need TeachersMore detail
BarbaraJudy1984Kindergarten Admission Procedures in Independent Schools With Suggested GuidelinesMore detail
JudithGreen1984The Transition Process in Office Automation and Its Impact on Clerical Workers: A Case StudyMore detail
ThomasCosgrove1984The Effects of Participation in a Student Development Mentoring-Transcript Program on Freshman University StudentsMore detail
RachelMathews1984Attitudes of Teachers and Administrators Towards the Handicapped in Malaysia and Implications for Teacher Training and Program DevelopmentMore detail
MarÍaValle1984Public Education in Baja California in Tijuanaês First SchoolMore detail
SharaleeJorgensen1985Mira Costa College: The First Fifty YearsMore detail
PatriciaParlin1985Attitudes of Principals Toward Written Composition Research and Instructional Leadership Practices Associated With Effective Writing PracticesMore detail
KarenClark1986A Comparative Study of the Attitude and Knowledge of Suicide Between High School Students and High School TeachersMore detail
BarbaraLeWinter1986A Study of the Influence of Logo on Locus of Control, Attitudes Toward Mathematics, and Problem-Solving Ability in Children in Grades 4, 5, 6More detail
TeresaMcNeil1986A History of Catholic School Education in San Diego County, California, From 1850-1936More detail
MelindaBlade1986Interdisciplinary Research Methodology for Secondary Level Social Studies: A Teaching Unit Concerning the Holy Shroud of TurinMore detail
ShaySayre1986Leader Communication and Organizational Culture: A Field StudyMore detail
DavidTiedmann1986Media Services in Higher Education: A Delphi Study for the 1990'sMore detail
WilliamShine1986A Study of Retention and Leadership: A Process Model of TurnoverMore detail
JohnPejza1987An Investigation of Strong Religious Cultures in Selected Catholic Secondary SchoolsMore detail
RosemaryGoodyear1987A Descriptive Correlational Study of the Decision-Making Patterns of Nurse Practitioners in Primary CareMore detail
AlexKodiath1987A Study of the Commonalties and Differences of Male and Female Spiritual LeadersMore detail
JohnHanes1987Executive Effectiveness Profile: Instrument Development and ValidationMore detail
JosephGallen1987The Use of Computer-Assisted Instruction in a Biblical Studies Course: A Case StudyMore detail
KevinFreiberg1987The Heart and Spirit of Transformation Leadership: A Qualitative Case Study of Herb Kelleher's Passion for Southwest AirlinesMore detail
MadelineKeri1987Compulsory Interest Arbitration in Public Education: A Case StudyMore detail
NancyRoyal1987The Long Term Consequences of Specific Language Disabilities: The Secondary School YearsMore detail
AnthonySmith1987Shared Organizational Culture and Leader Communication: A Study of CorrelationMore detail
JeanneAtherton1987An Analysis of Perceptual Differences and Congruities Between California Community College Chancellors and Presidents in Multi-College Districts Regarding the Decision Making Role of the PresidentsMore detail
FlorenceJohnson1987An Analysis of State Aid to Non-Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in the 50 States, 1970-1984More detail
PaulaJenner1987Factors Associated With Success of Resource Development Programs at California Community CollegesMore detail
GloriaBader1987Understanding Individual Political Behaviors in Organizations: Instrument Development and ValidationMore detail
SuzanneFitch1987Adolescents With Learning & Behavior Handicaps as Behavior ModifiersMore detail
LynettePatton1987A Synthesis of Dissertation Research on Faculty-Role Stressors in Nursing EducationMore detail
MiriamKaeser, O.S.F.1987A Study of Feminine Role Models Selected by Catholic WomenMore detail
JuneScopinich1987A College Athletic Department - An Example of a High Performance System Existing in an Organized Anarchy Known as a University Higher Education OrganizationMore detail
EbrahimFouzan1987The Involvement of Parents of Educable Mentally Retarded in Their Children's Educational Programs in Saudi ArabiaMore detail
MarianWarren1987Influences Affecting Career/Life Planning Aspirations as Perceived by Intellectually Gifted, Ethnically Diverse Adolescent Girls: A Case StudyMore detail
DianeMcClure1988On Being a Truant: A Phenomenological Study of Students in a Comprehensive High SchoolMore detail
JudithEdwin1988Attributes of Undergraduates Majoring in Scientific and Technological Disciplines: Perseverance and CommitmentsMore detail
LawrenceSykoff1988The Emergence of the Middle School in Independent EducationMore detail
MarilynSkordas1988The Impact of the Father/Daughter Relationship on Women in Educational Administrative Leadership PositionsMore detail
Sherrill Lea Amador1988An Analysis of Selected California Community College Chief Executive Officer's Perceptions of the District Governing Board Evaluation Policies and PracticesMore detail
AnnaNewton1988Leadership and Development: A Study of Higher Education Academic AdministratorsMore detail
PaulaKelly1988Accessing a Global Language: A Comparison of G-Telp and TOEFL PerformanceMore detail
BarbaraBroderick1988Naturalistic Inquiry: An Appropriate Method for Evaluating Customer Training - A Case Study of a Computer System Value-Added ResellerMore detail
PatriciaHarvard1988A Qualitative Analysis of Successful Management Behaviors of Black Female Administrators in Higher EducationMore detail
KatherineWaller1988Organizing for Change: An Assessment of Organization Development Activities of Training ConsultantsMore detail
RitaKing1988A Study of Shared Instructional Leadership by Mentor Teachers in Southern CaliforniaMore detail
LyleRangel1988The Effect of Cooperative Learning on the Spelling Skills, Self-Concept, and Locus of Control of Below Average LearnersMore detail
RichardHendrickson1989Leadership and CultureMore detail
NoeliaVela1989A Delphi Study of California Community College Counselors' Responsibilities and Competencies for the 1990's as Perceived by Chief Student Services AdministratorsMore detail
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