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Our students are incredibly diverse in their backgrounds, research interests and career trajectories. Click here to view our student profiles or read on to learn more about our student and alumni outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: PhD candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 2: PhD candidates will realistically appraise their personal strengths and weaknesses exercising leadership. They will actualize leadership in real and complex situations.

Outcome 3: PhD candidates will be able to use a range of perspectives and theoretical constructs from various social science/humanities disciplines/fields of study to analyze, critique, and make decisions about an array of leadership and organizational issues and problems.

Outcome 4: PhD candidates will demonstrate the methodological skills necessary to design, analyze, critique, and conduct research using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Outcome 5: Students’ written and oral communication will be clear, coherent, well organized, and technically correct. 

Outcome 6: Students will critically examine culture other than own, and apply the knowledge gained within their personal and professional lives.

Alumni Outcomes

There are over 300 alumni of the doctorate in Leadership Studies. Our alumni include professors, researchers, educators, policymakers, school leaders, university administrators, consultants, executive directors of nonprofits, business leaders, and more.

Dissertation Directory

Explore our searchable directory of doctoral alumni below. To learn more about any individual click the arrow to the right of his or her name.

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Last Name
Year Graduated
HerbertBarker1997Common Higher Callings to Social Compassion: A Phenomenological Study of Civic PraxisMore detail
KathleenCzech2007Communication and Leadership: Faculty Perceptions of the Department ChairMore detail
MadelineKeri1987Compulsory Interest Arbitration in Public Education: A Case StudyMore detail
TiffanyCarpenter2005Confronting the Intra-Racial Gender Gap: A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Gender on African American Students' Perceptions of Campus Climate at a Predominately White InstitutionMore detail
JensenShirley2009Congregation Activism in the Community: A Study of Faith-Based LeadershipMore detail
KevinPetti2006Connecting Art and Science: An Interdisciplinary Strategy and Its Impact on the Affective Domain of College Human Anatomy StudentsMore detail
RichardNewman2005Connecting the Dots: A Study of an Innovative Principal Preparation Program's Impact on the Mental Models and On-the-Job Behaviors fo Aspiring School Leaders.More detail
TimothyVonder1992Constructing and Testing Practical Procedures for Describing a Corporate Culture: The Electric TroublemenMore detail
PhyllisCardinal1998Consulting First Nations Cultural Genocide: Showcasing Perspective of Cree Elders for Identity and Leadership RenewalMore detail
RachelRice2014Convergence or Divergence of Values? A Comparison Case Study of Teacher Credentialing ProgramsMore detail
SusanMitchell1994Creating Campus Climates That Are Free From Sexual Harassment: Implications for Leaders in Higher EducationMore detail
MichaelLovette-Colyer2013Cultivating Compassion In Undergraduate College Students: Rhetoric Or Reality?More detail
TheresaLally2000Cultural Factors Influencing Japanese Female College Students' Perceptions of Learning in a Web-Based Environment: Implications for Web-Based Instructional DesignersMore detail
TammyMoriarty2013Data-Driven Decision Making: Teachers' Use Of Data In The ClassroomMore detail
HollyHoffman2014Determinants of First Generation Student Bachelor's Degree CompletionMore detail
CandaceAiani2009Developing an Instrument to Measure the Degree of Implementation of Information Literacy CurriculumMore detail
PortMartin1995Development of a Participative Approach to Guide Organizational Change: Reviewing the Sawtooth TechniqueMore detail
RalphSchoenfeld1994Dimensions of Anxiety and Their Effect on an Aspect of the Performance Process: Commission of Mental ErrorsMore detail
JudithStrattan1990Directions for Leadership of the Association of California Community College Administrators in the 1990'sMore detail
LinellFromm1993District Elections, Redistricting and Recall: A Study of the Fifth District of the City of San Diego, 1988-1991More detail
KathleenAllen1990Diverse Voices of Leadership: Different Rhythms and Emerging Harmonies More detail
CarenSax1999Diversity, Collaboration, Reflective Practice and Technology in Professional Education Programs: Strategic Choices for Higher EducationMore detail
DaneneTwyman-Brown2014Do New Buildings, Equipment, and Technology Improve Student Outcomes? A Look at One Community College's ExperienceMore detail
JamesFord1990Education for Christian LeadershipMore detail
PatriciaTaepke2007Effect of Computer-Aided Instruction on Grades in Middle School AlgebraMore detail
Gregory Stump2003Employee Receptivity to Three Hundred Sixty Degree Feedback Systems as a Function of Employee Trust and Employee Commitment: An Exploratory StudyMore detail
SallyBennett1997Empowering Teachers, Empowering Leadership: A Multisite Case Study of School Restructuring and Accountability for Student AchievementMore detail
DanellGavares1993Empowerment as a Dynamic of the Leadership Relationship: A Study of Two Local Governmental OrganizationsMore detail
JennyFerrone2003Enabling Performance Skills: Assessment in Engineering EducationMore detail
AlexaderLehman2014Engineering, Teaching, and Technology: A Nationwide Assessment of Instructional Internet Use by Engineering FacultyMore detail
ChristineCecil1997Enter the Water Carriers: Embracing Parenting Experience in Work TeamsMore detail
AlanGrant1992Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Delphi Study of New Venture Success FactorsMore detail
RebeccaBustamante2006Essential Features of Cultural Proficiency in American International Schools in Latin America: A Delphi StudyMore detail
AdrianaZylmans1991Ethnic Inclusion Strategies for the World Affairs Council: A Case StudyMore detail
ChrisProcello2008Evaluating the Effectiveness of Provosts in Building a Student Learning Assessment-Supportive Organizational Culture:A Multiple-Site Evaluatoin Within the California State University SystemMore detail
DonnaMarriot2003Examining an Observation-Based Model of Professional Development for TeachersMore detail
DavidBlair2007Examining the Predisposition to Lead within the Homosexual CommunityMore detail
SarinaMolina2010Examining the Role of Meaning-making and Cultural Competence in How Teachers Understand and Approach their Work with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse StudentsMore detail
JohnHanes1987Executive Effectiveness Profile: Instrument Development and ValidationMore detail
SuzanneMacRenato1995Experiences of Moral Commitment: A Phenomenological StudyMore detail
JamesO'Brien2007Experiences of Sacramental MarriageMore detail
HeatherCarpenter2011Experiential Education in Nonprofit Management Education: An Examination of Nonprofit-Focused Master's Degree Programs Associated with the Nonprofit Academic Centers CouncilMore detail
OwenSmith2011Exploration of the Impostor Phenomenon in Law School StudentsMore detail
MarkPeters2009Exploring Efforts on Two College Campuses to Cultivate a Culture of VocationMore detail
EmilySchell2003Exploring Teachers' Experiences with the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher InstituteMore detail
RichardBakken2013Exploring the Impact on Students of Western Universities on Foreign Soil: A Case Study of QatarMore detail
ValerieLivesay 2013Exploring The Paradoxical Role And Experience Of Fallback In Developmental Theory More detail
SaraHenry2010Extending Our Understanding of Social Belonging: Students' Use of Technology, Psychosocial Well- Being and Sense of Community in University LifeMore detail
DarrenMcGlynn2005Facing the Leadership Challenges on Decommissioning US Navy ShipsMore detail
PaulaJenner1987Factors Associated With Success of Resource Development Programs at California Community CollegesMore detail
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