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MA in Higher Education Leadership

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Our Students

Students in the MA in higher education leadership include professionals working full-time or part-time in higher education, as well as those seeking to enter the profession. Though many of our current students hold graduate assistantships in student affairs, some work full-time at colleges and universities in the San Diego area. Click here to view our student profiles or read on to learn more about our student and alumni outcomes.

Alumni Outcomes

Our alumni are prepared for leadership roles in a wide variety of university settings. Some go on to doctoral programs at the University of San Diego or elsewhere. Here is a sample of positions our alumni hold or have held:

Student Affairs


Learning Outcomes

Objective Area: Leadership and Development Theories
Outcome 1: Masters candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Objective Area: Critical Thinking and Analytical Approaches 
Outcome 2: Students will select relevant information, organize and evaluate the information, and apply it to issues of leadership.

Objective Area: Organizational Systems and Group Dynamics 
Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of key theories of organizational behavior and change, and effectively apply them in an organizational setting.

Objective Area: Cultural Competency Global Understanding 
Outcome 4: Students will critically examine culture other than their own, and apply the knowledge gained in their personal and professional lives.

Objective Area: Self-Awareness 
Outcome 5: Graduates will have an ability to reflect upon their own skills and limitations as leaders, evidenced by performance working with groups.

Objective Area: Higher Education Practical Application
Outcome 6: Make explicit connections to higher education practice and apply various theoretical constructs in the context of workplace.
Outcome 7: Understand the unique characteristics of students and student culture in higher education.

Objective Area: Higher Education Policy and Historical Trends
Outcome 8: Understand historical trends in higher education and their implications for contemporary policy issues.