Student Outcomes

MA in Higher Education Leadership

Department of Leadership Studies

Our Students

Students in the MA in higher education leadership include professionals working full-time or part-time in higher education, as well as those seeking to enter the profession. Though many of our current students hold graduate assistantships in student affairs, some work full-time at colleges and universities in the San Diego area.

Alumni Outcomes

Our alumni are prepared for leadership roles in a wide variety of university settings. Some go on to doctoral programs at the University of San Diego or elsewhere. Here is a sample of positions our alumni hold or have held:

Student Affairs


Learning Outcomes

Objective Area: Leadership and Development Theories
Outcome 1: Masters candidates will articulate prominent leadership theories in Leadership Studies, analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in the course of addressing a variety of organizational issues and problems.

Objective Area: Critical Thinking and Analytical Approaches 
Outcome 2: Students will select relevant information, organize and evaluate the information, and apply it to issues of leadership.

Objective Area: Organizational Systems and Group Dynamics 
Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of key theories of organizational behavior and change, and effectively apply them in an organizational setting.

Objective Area: Cultural Competency Global Understanding 
Outcome 4: Students will critically examine culture other than their own, and apply the knowledge gained in their personal and professional lives.

Objective Area: Self-Awareness 
Outcome 5: Graduates will have an ability to reflect upon their own skills and limitations as leaders, evidenced by performance working with groups.

Objective Area: Higher Education Practical Application
Outcome 6: Make explicit connections to higher education practice and apply various theoretical constructs in the context of workplace.
Outcome 7: Understand the unique characteristics of students and student culture in higher education.

Objective Area: Higher Education Policy and Historical Trends
Outcome 8: Understand historical trends in higher education and their implications for contemporary policy issues.