Undergraduate Minor In Leadership Studies

Department of Leadership Studies

Alumni Reflections

Graduates of the minor in leadership studies share the benefits of declaring the minor. 

"The leadership minor fosters an environment and community unlike any major or minor I have seen on campus. As a business administration major, the classes I take are fairly task oriented. I learn skills that will help develop me as a business professional. Classes like accounting, finance, and marketing teach me how to do my job. But leadership classes teach me how to work with people. It is through the leadership program that I have truly grown as an individual. I learned life skills, which are helpful not only when working with other students, but for my future career, as well." 

- Mariana Dimla '14 (BA)

"The SOLES leadership minor added a unique perspective to my business economics degree.  In my professional role, I use my understanding of different leadership styles to give me an edge up and effectively work with various types of business leaders, both internally and with customers."

- Andrew O'Such '11 (BA)