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Program Overview

The leadership studies minor is designed to develop agents of change who think globally. Students are challenged to expand the ways in which they understand and address complex issues and problems. Multiple leadership frameworks are engaged both academically and experientially as students explore how to impact change personally, professionally and globally.

What classes are required for the leadership studies minor?

To complete the leadership studies minor, 18 credit hours are required. To complete the leadership studies minor and nonprofit leadership and management certificate in tandem, 20 total credit hours are required. You can review the required and elective courses on the coursework tab above.

Does it matter what I am majoring in to declare the leadership studies minor?  

No, the leadership minor complements any major.  

What can I do with the leadership studies minor?  Will it help me get a job?  

The leadership studies minor will make you more marketable, most likely bringing you into a job interview with skills that your competition does not have on their resume. You can see a list of what some of the students that have graduated with the leadership studies minor have done with it in our testimonials section.

Do I have to take classes in order?

While it is not required, it is recommended you do so. Taking LEAD 160: Personal Leadership, Self-Inquiry, & Discovery is very helpful in preparing to take LEAD 350: Leadership & Group Development, just as LEAD 350: Leadership & Group Development can be very helpful in preparing to take LEAD 357: Leadership & the Practice of Presence.

I am interested in taking a course but have a conflict/scheduling issues. Am I still able to take the course?

We recommend you speak with one of the teaching staff in the Department of Leadership Studies/your leadership studies minor advisor about setting your schedule and any conflicts that may arise. We may be able to find a solution that accommodates your current course schedule and your long-term plan of study.

 When should I take capstone?

It is best if capstone is the last class you take as it completes your journey in the leadership studies minor. It is important to note that LEAD 160: Personal Leadership, Self-Inquiry, & Discovery and LEAD 350: Leadership & Group Development/LEAD 357: Leadership & the Practice of Presence are prerequisites.

 I do not think I can complete 120 internship hours, what can I do?

Oftentimes students can complete the majority of the hours over a break and take the class while they finish up their hours the following semester.  Contact Teresa VanHorn as soon as possible at tvanhorn@sandiego.edu or 1-619-260-4760, and have a discussion with your leadership studies minor advisor about planning out your schedule.

I had declared the leadership studies minor, then I changed my major and the leadership studies minor no longer shows up on my transcript. What happened?

If you make changes to your program of study you need to make sure that you note all of your majors and minors. Check with your leadership studies minor advisor, they will be able to help you navigate this.

Can I take multiple LEAD 387P classes?

Yes, up to 3 credit hours, they are considered elective credits. However you cannot take the same section twice. Make sure you check in with your leadership studies minor advisor if you plan to take multiple LEAD 387P: Student Leadership Practical Experience classes.