Combined BA / MEd Teacher Education Program

Undergraduate / Graduate Program

Department of Learning and Teaching & Liberal Studies Program

Academic Banner Teaching Minor

Program Overview

In this Elementary Education pathway, student earn a BA in Liberal Studies, a Multiple Subject teaching credential, and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction in as little as five years.

The Liberal Studies major is interdisciplinary in nature, providing students with a strong foundational understanding of content in a wide range of the liberal arts and sciences. In addition to the required multiple-subject content areas that are the focus of the courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, courses on the foundations of education and teaching methods required for the preliminary teaching credential are taken at the undergraduate level in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

Upon completion of the BA in Liberal Studies, students enter the Department of Learning and Teaching in SOLES to complete the Preliminary California Teaching Credential and the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction. This program emphasizes the connection between theory and practice, weaving together university-based coursework, action research, and thoughtfully designed field experiences.

Candidates in the program will develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to flourish in their own classrooms, as well as the critical habits of mind and reflective practices that will allow them to grow as educators throughout their careers.