Administration and Board


Dean Ladany Nicholas Ladany, PhD
Joi Spencer Joi Spencer, PhD
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Linda Dews Linda Dews, MS
Assistant Dean
Karen Lee Karen Lee, PhD
Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Assessment
Rondi Stein Rondi Stein, MBA
Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Advisory Board

Victoria Baron '94 (MA)
Licensed Family Therapist, CEO, "Get a Personal Assistant"
Alina Caceres '06 (MA)
Director of Sales and Marketing, Precede Software
Sue Ebner '78 '87 (BA, MBA)
Community Liason
Joan Friedenberg Community Volunteer
John Galvan '97
Director, Office for Schools, Diocese of San Diego
Wendy Gillespie President and CEO, Starhawk Productions
Todd Gutschow Founder, Todd and Mari Gutschow Family Foundation
Kirsten Hanson Garcia '07 (PhD)
Co-Founder, Hanson Garcia Innovations
Norm Hapke, Jr.
Board Member, Jacobs Family Foundation and the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
William D. Lynch Founder, William D. Lynch Foundation
Drew Schlosberg Community and Public Relations Director, San Diego Union Tribune
Janine Mason '86 '11 (BA, MA) Executive Director, Fieldstone Foundation
Ritz Sherman Regional Manager, Apple, Inc.
Peter Sibley  CEO,
Linda P. Spuck  CTFA, Vice President, Union Bank 
Laura Stoia '09 (MA) Community Volunteer
Bob Watkins President & CEO, R.J. Watkins & Company
John Yochelson President, Building Engineering and Science Talent (BEST)