The School of Leadership and Education Sciences houses academic departments, centers and institutes within Mother Rosalie Hill Hall on the campus of the University of San Diego. The nationally-accredited, innovative and vibrant programs offered within SOLES are led by an administrative team, faculty and participatory advisory boards for the school and the centers.

SOLES Vision and Mission Statement

SOLES aspires to be a vibrant and diverse community for innovation, cultivating academic excellence and developing socially responsible global learners and leaders.

Vision Statement

We believe that education for human service must have as its foundation a vision of enhancing human dignity and the quality of life.  To do so, human service professionals must focus on moral perspectives in their professional and community lives.  The faculty and staff of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences seek to impart this vision to our students.

Mission Statement

It is our responsibility to prepare students with the professional knowledge, skills, and ethical perspectives they will need for effective leadership and practice in a diverse society.  We seek to become, and encourage our students to become, life-long learners engaged in scholarly inquiry, research, and professional development.  We value professional and community service and encourage such service by our students.

To implement our mission, the faculty enriches all programs and course offerings with the values, concepts, and themes that we believe will help students become ethical, civic-minded and committed leaders in their chosen fields. 


Our talented and experienced faculty members are some of our greatest resources. They are not only accomplished teachers and scholars committed to academic excellence, but they are also engaged in improving practice in a broad range of fields and interests. Our graduates consistently indicate that ready access to supportive faculty is one of the things they value the most about their educational experience.