Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking

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Leadership Resources

Below you will find resources and links on a variety of topics related to leadership. This list in not conclusive, but will provide a variety of topics and information on issues that affect you as a leader and the organizations you work with.

Leadership Fellows

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center has developed a new leadership opportunity for spring 2014 for a group of 15-18, which will be called the Leadership Fellows. As part of this new effort, we are looking to involve "rising star" students, preferably students who are not currently involved in positional leadership/formal leadership roles. Through a structured experience over the course of 8 meetings during the spring semester, students will enhance their leadership and provide feedback, which will shape future programs and initiatives.

We are looking for students who would be described as having the potential to change the campus and the world for the better. These students hold few or no formal leadership positions, such as a student organization officer. Additionally, we seek students who are looking to deepen their involvement and may still be searching for an area to invest their time and involvement efforts.

Nominations of students for the Leadership Fellows Program should be sent to Jason Fitzer by December 18th at 12:00 pm.

Leadership Books and Team building Resources

The SLIC has a number of Leadership texts, Team building exercises, and team building supplies. All resources are free of charge, but must be reserved through the Creative Zone.

The SLIC advising staff would be happy to tailor a workshop, retreat, or mini-training for your organization. You can request those services by emailing Please be sure to include your organization name, date, time, location, and leadership topic.

Communication and Conflict

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