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Tuition and Fees

    Commencement Policies for August Graduates

August graduates wishing to participate in May ceremonies must have registered and paid for all their remaining units in the One Stop Student Center by May 1 of the year they wish to graduate, and take all their remaining courses in USD’s Summer Sessions.

Upon proof of payment of all outstanding debt and registration, the One Stop Student Center will issue a Graduation Clearance form to be taken to the Registrar or Graduate Records Office.

All potential summer graduates must agree to complete all degree requirements for which they have pre-registered in USD's Summer Sessions. Withdrawing from summer course(s) after having participated in the commencement ceremony will result in being charged a forfeit fee equal to 100% of the tuition charges for the enrolled summer course(s). There are no exceptions to these policies.


2014-2015 Tuition and Fees

  $1,460 per unit
    Arts and Sciences $1,335 per unit
    Business Administration $1,335 per unit
    School of Peace Studies $1,335 per unit
    SOLES $1,325 per unit
    SOLES $1,340 per unit
    Nursing $1,375 per unit
  $1,600 per unit
Course Auditors  
  $160 per unit
GSA Fees  
  $2.00 per unit
The Graduate Student Association Fee will be added to tuition fees.
Late Registration Fee  
*additional late payment penalties are charged on past due balances.
Special Student Application Fees  
        Arts & Sciences; SOLES $45.00
        Business Administration $80.00

Official Withdrawal

If you decide not to take a course that you reserved, you must drop the course in person at the One Stop Student Center. If you fail to attend the class you signed up for, and you do not come to the One Stop Student Center to officially withdraw, you will be assigned a grade of “F” and charged for the class.

If you do not officially withdraw, you will be responsible for your registration charges.