Community on Patrol (COP)


The COP Training Classes are open to all USD community members. To sign up please contact Henry Marquez, Lieutenant, at


The Community on Patrol (COP) initiative is aimed at raising safety and crime prevention awareness throughout the campus community (students, faculty, staff and administrators). Our goal is to increase the community’s ability to recognize, identify and prevent many of the typical crimes that we see occurring on the University’s campus. By increasing the eyes and ears of Public Safety, we increase our ability to respond to and stop crimes that may be occurring within our community.

How Can You Help?

As a member of the USD community the importance of your role in theft prevention is critical. By reporting all suspicious persons and activity immediately you can help prevent either your vehicle or your friend’s vehicle from being broken into or stolen. Never hesitate to report someone or something that you feel may be suspicious. Public Safety welcomes and strongly encourages any and all reports of suspicious activity.

What is Suspicious?

Many times it comes down to trusting your gut instinct, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
You are most familiar with who lives in your area and their daily routine.
If you observe something that is out of the ordinary and does not seem right, CALL.
If someone is behaving oddly or suspicious, CALL.

How to be an expert witness:

Many times a theft will occur and the victim has seen the thief or possible suspect but does not recall an accurate description of the individual. When reporting a person who appears to be acting suspicious it is very important to take note of these key descriptors.  Doing so will provide Public Safety a better chance of contacting the individual and preventing a possible theft from occurring.

When observing a person behaving suspiciously, look for these key descriptors:

  • Sex (male, female)
  • Hair Color/Length (blonde, black, grey, long, shoulder length)
  • Height (over 6 feet, about 5’2)
  • Build (thin, heavy, muscular)
  • Clothing (jeans and a white tee shirt, or a sweatshirt)
  • Location and Direction of travel (towards the parking structure, into the library)

**For your safety, NEVER approach someone who is acting suspiciously, CALL**

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For additional program and crime prevention information please contact:
Henry Marquez, Lieutenant, at