Room Change Request Process

Issues with your living situation? Roommate Conflict? Desire to move?

Follow these steps to help resolve your conflict and learn about a room change:

Talk to your Resident Assistant (RA)

Your RA will provide you with information about your options for resolving whatever room issue you are currently having; including restorative dialogues and tips for talking with roommates as part of the room change process. This is an opportunity to revisit the Roommate Agreement Form and consult all roommates for possible updates to this document.

Fill out the Room Change Request E-form

Click the link to access the E-form. After completing the E-form you will receive an email confirmation containing further instructions about the room change process.

Talk to your Community Director/Assistant Community Director (CD/ACD)

Set up a meeting with your CD/ACD after speaking with your RA. Your CD/ACD will go over the room change process with you.

Set up a Restorative Dialogue meeting with your roommate(s), RA, and CD/ACD

Your CD/ACD and RA will facilitate this discussion between you and your roommates in which there is an opportunity for everyone involved to express thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the room situation and possible move.

It is your responsibility to work with the CD/ACD and RA to set up this meeting.

A Restorative Dialogue must be completed before a room change occurs.

If your CD/ACD approves a room change… Your CD/ACD will provide information to schedule a meeting to discuss room change options at the Central Housing Office located downstairs in Missions Crossroads room 125.

Await new room assignment from Central Housing

Regardless of room availability you will receive a confirmation from Central Housing that your request has been received. If there is a new space available for you, you will receive notification via email. You have 48hrs to accept this new placement.

There will be an option to to conduct a new roommate meeting if you are interested prior to accepting the room change and if that is the case the 48hr deadline will begin after that meeting is completed.

Move into new room space!

After accepting your new placement you will coordinate getting a temp card from Central Housing (active for 24hrs) to move completely from your current space into the new space, you must…
  • Check-out of your current space, completing your electronic Room Condition Form (E-RCF), with your RA or CD/ACD.
  • Check-in to your new space, completing your new E-RCF, with your new RA or CD/ACD
Helpful Tips
  • Room changes are viewed as the last option in the case of a roommate conflict.
  • Please keep in mind that CD/ACDs and the Central Housing Staff typically work between the hours of 9am-5pm. If you reach a CD/ACD and/or Central Housing Staff outside of these hours (whether through email, phone, etc.) they will respond to you usually within the next business day.
  • Residential Life cannot guarantee bed space type (single, double, multiple) or specific residential locations.
  • Once you begin the room change process be diligent with checking your email so you do not miss any important correspondence from Residential Life or Central Housing.
  • If you have questions ask!