Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get information about MicroFridges?

Incoming freshmen should get information in the mail. However, if you do not receive that letter, you can contact the company by calling 1-888-929-0806. There is also information available on their website.

What should I do if I think I have bed bugs?

The University takes bed bugs very seriously. If you suspect bed bugs please contact your RA, your Community Director, and/or the Residential Life Office as soon as possible. The Residential Life Office can be reached at 619.260.4777.

Review our Bed Bug procedure and if you have any questions please contact us directly.

What should I bring with me as an incoming resident?

We have made a quick list of things to consider bringing with you as you transition to the University of San Diego. The list we have created is a good place to start but we would also suggest you connect with your roommate if possible to see what items you can share. Review the list of items you might need.

What kind of amenities are available through the residence hall desks?

Residential Life provides toilet paper and trash bags for free at our residence hall desks. Vacuums are also available for checkout.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

First Year and Second year resident students (or any resident student with 0-59.5 credits) are required to select a meal plan. You can view the available options for meal plans at: Voluntary meal plans are also available for Upperclassman, Graduate, and Law students. Note that all Meal Plan changes, including cancellations, must be made online via the MySanDiego portal during the first ten class days of the undergraduate semester. After that time frame there will be no changes or cancellations allowed.

What if something is broken in my room?

USD Fix My Home: If you have an issue in your room or apartment, please use our new convenient online work orders system to submit your requests. The entire process is moving to a paperless process to save the environment and get your requests addressed faster. Submit a work order through our new system. If you have any questions please contact us at 619.260.4777 or via email at

How do I become a Resident Assistant?

Academic Year selections for Resident Assistants take place throughout the course of the Spring semester. Informational sessions regarding the application process are held beginning in December, and continue into early February. Throughout this time, the application materials are posted on the Residential Life website. The application process consists of a paper application, group interview, and an individual interview by invitation. Notification of Academic Year Resident Assistant appointments typically take place by early April. Candidates must have a 2.75 minimum GPA, and prior service in Student Affairs or on-campus involvement is recommended.

Summer Resident Assistant applications become available in the last week of March on the Residential Life website. This position involves a dual role as both a Summer Project Worker or Summer Office Assistant, in addition to the Resident Assistant responsibilities. Summer Resident Assistant appointments are notified by the end of April.

What size beds can I expect in the freshman residence halls?

All of our First Year residence halls are furnished with Twin-XL size beds. These beds are 80"L x 40"W x 6"D. All Twin-XL size sheets and bedding should fit these residence hall beds. There is approximately three feet of space from the ground to the mattress. Additional storage space can be generated by purchasing bed risers (easily purchased at Target, Walmart, or other convenience stores). Please note, however that lofting of beds is not permitted. Bunking of beds is permitted, with approval from the Residential Life office.

Is there a bank on campus?

Yes there is a branch of U.S. Bank on campus located on the lower level of the University Center in the One Stop Office.

Can I submit a room change request form?

Residential Life does not allow any room changes until the 3rd week of classes. You can submit an on-line form at any time, and please work closely with your RA or CD before submitting the form. Room changes are difficult to facilitate, especially in first-year areas. Please keep in mind that a room change may result in you being moved from your LLC community, and there are many benefits to remaining in your assigned community.

Room Change Request Information Page Please click on the link for more information on the room change process.

What are the benefits of participating in an Living Learning Community (LLC)?

Students living in LLCs make connections from the day they arrive on campus with peers, faculty, resident assistant (RA), preceptorial assistant (PA) and others. They participate in curricular and co-curricular activities related to the theme. They share interests, knowledge and experiences, with others, and enrich their experience at USD. All this — learning in a small group, getting to know your professors, making connections with classmates and sharing ideas and experiences — helps build your engagement in our community.

I am experiencing problems with my computer and internet. Who can help me?

Contact ITS at the Help Desk, (619) 260-7900. Someone is available 24/7. Or visit

Who do I contact if there is an issue in a laundry facility?

Please contact WASH at or 1-800-421-0575 for assistance. If you need a refund or have a specific questions you can contact housing at 619.260.4777.

What is LandryAlert and how do I use it?

LaundryAlert is a system that provides machine availability in every laundry facility on campus. It will even email or text you when your laundry is finished. Visit and enter USD3669 to use.

How do I get the best results for my laundry on campus?

  1. The washer machines are made to be filled to 3Ž4 of max capacity. Underloading or overloading the machines can result in water left after the wash or impartial cleaning.
  2. Balance your loads. That is, do not include heavy items such as beach towels with light items such as socks. Doing so creates an imbalance within the washer/dryer and can produce poor results.
  3. All of the USD washers are HE, high efficiency, washers. For best results, use HE detergent. Powder and pods are not recommended. 
  4. Finally, shut the doors tight after putting laundry in the machine; especially on the washers! 

What do I do if I need a medical accommodation?

The Residential Life Department has built a strong collaboration with the Disability Services Office. As a matter of confidentiality we refer all students to the Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center. Please refer to their website for additional information on how to coordinate your documented disability.

*Please submit your request as soon as possible - all special accommodations will need to be confirmed with Disability Services by June 3.

What do I do if I'm locked out of my room?

If you are locked out of your room, please stop by one of our desk areas where you will be required to complete an E-Form requesting access to your room. If you need assistance when the desks are closed please call Public Safety at (619) 260-7777. You will be let into your room (keyed-in) by staff or depending on the circumstances a temporary key may be issued for you to access to your room. You are allowed two free key-ins or temporary keys per semester. A $10 charge will be billed to your student account for each additional key or key-in. If a temporary card is not returned to the desk after the expiration date your student account will be billed $20. Lost IDs can be replaced for $15 at Campus Card Services.

Can I have an A/C unit in the Residence Halls?

No, AC units are not allowed in the Residence Halls.

Residents must contact USD's Wellness staff via email with supportive medical documentation at <> to have their request for an A.C. unit assessed. Then Residential Life will provide a final, written decision to the resident after having an opportunity to review the recommendation from Wellness. No plans should be made to purchase or install an A.C. unit until if and when a resident has received written approval from the Department of Residential Life.

If and when a student has received written approval from Wellness for an AC unit that has been reviewed by Residential Life then please refer to the following guidelines when purchasing an AC unit:

Renter's Insurance Consideration

While the University of San Diego does not cover lost, stolen or damaged property, the university certainly recognizes the need for ensuring the safety of your property. The university does not recommend or endorse any individual insurance company however we strongly urge all families to contact their insurance agents, check their homeowner's policies, and consider purchasing a renter’s policy to cover the student while living on campus.

Please review the Residential Life Renter's Insurance document for additional information regarding student's responsibility for both personal property and university property.

For more information on college specific renter's insurance please see below:



What meal plans are available and where may I dine with my meal plan? What are "Dining Dollars" and how do I use "Campus Cash" for meals?

All students are given a variety of 'Plus' Meal Plan options designed to fit individual eating habits and every busy academic schedule. Find answers to all your meal plan questions.

What is my USD mailing address as an on-campus resident?

If new students will be shipping any items prior to their arrival to campus on move-in day, they should address any packages with the following:

<Student Name>
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

While living on campus, a student's mailing address is:

<Student Name>
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

When student mail arrives at the Mail Center, students will receive an email to their Torero e-mail account with information on how to pick it up.

Does USD offer transportation to the airport for students during holiday breaks?

There are super shuttles available at discounted rates for USD students. This shuttle service is reliable and familiar with the USD campus. Students can select pickup points for their residential area. Please refer to the following site to review the step by step process for a student to request a super shuttle and the prices:


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