FERPA Tutorial

All faculty and staff, as well as any other agents of the university who request access to student academic records, must complete the FERPA tutorial before access is granted. Access to student records, including the academic records database, will be denied until the tutorial has been completed and the form submitted.

The tutorial is intended to insure that anyone accessing student records understands the obligations under FERPA for proper use and protection of those records. All questions in the tutorial are supported by information found in this website. Before you begin the tutorial, you should review the Web site contents.

Your full name and your USD e-mail account name and password are required for login. When you have successfully completed the tutorial, that information will be registered in a central database. This is your "electronic signature" acknowledging that you understand your obligations under FERPA for the proper access and release of student education record information. There is a also a form at the end of the tutorial which you may print, sign, and date if you wish to keep a personal record.

There are 20 questions in the tutorial which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. To begin the tutorial, click below.

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