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Web Redesign Committees

All major redesign projects at the University of San Diego utilize a key committee that functions during the project to review milestones and make decisions. The following are the core committees for our current phase of redesign projects:

University of San Diego

Project Timeframe: June 2014 - January 2016

NameTitleContact Information
Peggy Agerton Representative, Academic Affairs
ext. 4553
Ryan Blystone Representative, University Relations
ext. 6652
Joy Brunetti Advisor
ext. 7633
Shelly Bowen Content Strategist
(619) 251-9661
Kim Carnot Representative, Business Services
ext. 4257
Jessica Critchlow Representative, Student Affairs
ext. 4618
Kenny Eng Representative, Torero Life
ext. 2539
Pam Gray Representative, University Relations
ext. 4681
Amy Gregory Representative, Business Services
ext. 2725
Steven Heath Representative, Finance
ext. 7549
Tom Herrinton Representative, Academic Affairs
ext. 4553
Minh-Ha Hoang Representative, Admissions
ext. 4506
Daye Izmirian Representative, Student Affairs
ext. 4777
Michael Lovette-Colyer Representative, Mission and Ministry
ext. 4251
Monica Mahon Representative, Admissions
ext. 4524
Peter Marlow Co-Chair
ext. 7460
Daniel Myers Student Representative
ext. 7633

Michael O'Brien Advisor
ext. 4641
Robreta Roebuck Project Manager
ext. 7851
Patrick Simon Representative, University Relations
ext. 4632
Chris Wessells Co-Chair
ext. 6868

College of Arts and Sciences

Project Timeframe: September 2014 - December 2016

NameTitleContact Information
Valerie Attisha Development
ext. 6890
Joy Brunetti Co-Project Manager
ext. 7633
Erik Fritsvold Sociology
ext. 4026
Nadav Goldschmied Psychological Sciences
ext. 7681
Leslie Hammann Co-Project Manager
ext. 7446
Curtis Loer Biology
ext. 4129
Tess Nunn Dean's Office/Living-Learning Communities
ext. 7613
Michael O'Brien Advisor
ext. 4641
Lukasz Pruski Mathematics and Computer Science
ext. 4035
Debbie Tahmassebi Dean's Office/Chemistry and Biochemistry
ext. 7454
Joe Yorty Art, Architecture, and Art History
ext. 2704
Mary Zetts Languages and Literatures
ext. 4070
Matt Zwolinski Philosophy
ext. 4094

School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Law

Project Timeframe: Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Business Administration

Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Peace Studies

Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Engineering

Project Timeframe: TBD