Web Redesign Committees


All major redesign projects at the University of San Diego utilize a key committee that functions during the project to review milestones and make decisions. The following are the core committees for our current phase of redesign projects:

University of San Diego

Project Timeframe: June 2014 - August 2015

NameTitleContact Information
Peggy Agerton Representative, Academic Affairs agertonp@sandiego.edu
ext. 4553
Ryan Blystone Representative, University Relations rblystone@sandiego.edu
ext. 6652
Joy Brunetti Advisor brunetti@sandiego.edu
ext. 7633
Shelly Bowen Content Strategist shelly@pybop.com
(619) 251-9661
Kim Carnot Representative, Business Services kcarnot@sandiego.edu
ext. 4257
Jessica Critchlow Representative, Student Affairs jessicacritchlow@sandiego.edu
ext. 4618
Kenny Eng Representative, Torero Life keng@sandiego.edu
ext. 2539
Pam Gray Representative, University Relations grayp@sandiego.edu
ext. 4681
Amy Gregory Representative, Business Services amygregory@sandiego.edu
ext. 2725
Steven Heath Representative, Finance heath@sandiego.edu
ext. 7549
Tom Herrinton Representative, Academic Affairs herrinton@sandiego.edu
ext. 4553
Minh-Ha Hoang Representative, Admissions hoangm@sandiego.edu
ext. 4506
Daye Izmirian Representative, Student Affairs dizmirian@sandiego.edu
ext. 4777
Michael Lovette-Colyer Representative, Mission and Ministry mlovettecolyer@sandiego.edu
ext. 4251
Monica Mahon Representative, Admissions mmahon@sandiego.edu
ext. 4524
Peter Marlow Co-Chair petermarlow@sandiego.edu
ext. 7460
Daniel Myers Student Representative

ext. 7633

Michael O'Brien Advisor michaelo@sandiego.edu
ext. 4641
Robreta Roebuck Project Manager berta@sandiego.edu
ext. 7851
Patrick Simon Representative, University Relations psimon@sandiego.edu
ext. 4632
Chris Wessells Co-Chair chris@sandiego.edu
ext. 6868

College of Arts and Sciences

Project Timeframe: September 2014 - February 2016

NameTitleContact Information
Valerie Attisha Development vattisha@sandiego.edu
ext. 6890
Joy Brunetti Co-Project Manager brunetti@sandiego.edu
ext. 7633
Erik Fritsvold Sociology erikf@sandiego.edu
ext. 4026
Nadav Goldschmied Psychological Sciences ngoldschmied@sandiego.edu
ext. 7681
Leslie Hammann Co-Project Manager lhammann@sandiego.edu
ext. 7446
Curtis Loer Biology cloer@sandiego.edu
ext. 4129
Tess Nunn Dean's Office/Living-Learning Communities tess@sandiego.edu
ext. 7613
Michael O'Brien Advisor michaelo@sandiego.edu
ext. 4641
Lukasz Pruski Mathematics and Computer Science pruski@sandiego.edu
ext. 4035
Debbie Tahmassebi Dean's Office/Chemistry and Biochemistry debbiet@sandiego.edu
ext. 7454
Joe Yorty Art, Architecture, and Art History josephyorty@sandiego.edu
ext. 2704
Mary Zetts Languages and Literatures zetts@sandiego.edu
ext. 4070
Matt Zwolinski Philosophy mzwolinski@sandiego.edu
ext. 4094

School of Peace Studies

Project Timeframe: December 2015 - September 2016

NameTitleContact Information
Renata Berto Communications and Marketing Manager rberto@sandiego.edu
ext. 7573
Joy Brunetti Project Advisor brunetti@sandiego.edu
ext. 7633
Louis Cappella Assistant Dean cappella@sandiego.edu
ext. 7940
Austin Fitzpatrick Faculty caustin@sandiego.edu
ext. 7795
Jen Jackson Content Strategist jen@writeonnetwork.com
(801) 879-9719
Patricia Marquez Dean pmarquez@sandiego.edu
ext. 7795
Emiko Noma Senior Editor and Writer nomae@sandiego.edu
ext. 7812
Kara Wong Program Officer kwong@sandiego.edu
ext. 7567

School of Business

Project Timeframe: November 2015 - July 2016

NameTitleContact Information
Open Lead Designer and Research/Discovery spessah@sandiego.edu
ext. 7573
Joy Brunetti Project Advisor brunetti@sandiego.edu
ext. 7633
Kimberly Grob Content Strategist kim@writeonnetwork.com
(801) 879-9719
Amy Schmitz Marketing and Communications Director amyschmitz@sandiego.edu
ext. 4658

School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Law

Project Timeframe: Project Timeframe: TBD

School of Engineering

Project Timeframe: TBD

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