USD Website Redesign

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University of San Diego

Date Milestone 
8/24/14 USD website kickoff: The USD web team convened the core committee for the first time in the project and presented research and discovery findings from the summer. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups were conducted with targeted audiences, and the team met with the university's vice presidents to understand core university and divisional goals and initiatives moving forward. See the USD website kick-off presentation for more information.
11/21/14 USD site structure and branding: The USD web team worked collaboratively with the University Communications branding team to refresh the university accent colors. Style tiles were created, utilizing these accent colors in addition to the core blues, to demonstrate updated and cohesive website elements. Also, the top two levels of the main USD website was demonstrated, in addition to the reasoning of this new direction, which was influenced by the university core initiatives and main website audiences. See the USD website branding presentation for more information.