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Date Milestone 

CAS website kickoff: The USD web team convened the core CAS advisory board for the first time in the project and presented research and discovery findings from the fall and intersession semesters. Surveys, department meetings, and a competitive analysis of websites from our peer and aspirational schools were conducted and discussed. See the CAS Website Kick-Off presentation for more information. The following supplementary materials are also available:


CAS site structure and style tiles: The USD web team reviewed information about the new website's information architecture (i.e. navigation structure) with the CAS advisory board along with a design preview for the new website in the form of style tiles. See the Content Structure and Design Elements presentation for more information.


CAS usability results and design reveal: The USD web team presented the results of the summer usability studies on the new CAS website design, which included in-person and survey-based feedback with nearly 1,000 prospective students, current students, and/or their parents. The team also reviewed new design components and functionality planned for the new website. See the Usability Results and Design Reveal presentation for more information.


CAS website launch: late evening

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