USD Website Redesign

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Why Switch to a CMS

During the summer of 2012 the University of San Diego purchased Hannon Hill's Cascade Server as our new web Content Management System (CMS). The new CMS offers many new and powerful features beyond what is available in Adobe Contribute. Users will have greater flexibility and control over website content in the new CMS.

University Web Services is currently transitioning sites from Adobe Contribute to Cascade Server. This process will be completed by December 2014. Please see our transition timeline to see when your site is scheduled to migrate.

Cascade Server

  • Restore previously deleted pages or files with the recycle bin.
  • View and restore previous versions of a page or file.
  • Control your site navigation with the click of a checkbox.
  • Crop or resize images within Cascade Server.
  • Delete and unpublish files easily and intuitively.
  • Create links internally to other websites in Cascade Server, allowing your site to update automatically if others move or rename their pages.

Adobe Contribute

  • Deleted pages or files can only be recovered by a system administrator.
  • Only the latest version of a page or file is stored.
  • Controlling a website’s navigation requires an external program and very specific text formatting.
  • There is no access to image files once they are added.
  • There is no access to delete certain file types.
  • Internal links cannot be created to pages outside of a user’s website.