USD Website Redesign

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The University of San Diego website is currently undergoing a redesign process, expected to improve the site in content, design, function and maintenance.

Please review this website for details and information surrounding USD's ongoing website redesign. Concurrently we are implementing Cascade Server as our new Content Management System (CMS) and all information on that aspect of the USD website, including timelines, are available here. Likewise we welcome your feedback about the USD website so please send in your suggestions!

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Current Highlights

  • SOLES, Law, and SBA now managed through Cascade Server.
  • The new Kroc School website is now in development and will launch in April.
  • Migrations for department websites into the CMS have begun. Check the migration timeline for your site.
  • Why the switch from Contribute to Cascade Server? Read the reasons and benefits.
  • Redesigns for Peace Studies and Engineering are underway. See a full timeline of redesign projects on our redesign timeline.