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Brand Manual

The key to enhancing the University of San Diego’s brand is a consistent and reliable approach to its visual identity, which builds and protects its image.

The University of San Diego’s Official Visual Identity and Communications Style Manual contains chapters with step-by-step guidelines governing the proper use of the University of San Diego’s colors, logo and writing style when creating printed materials, Web sites, clothing and even PowerPoint® presentations. The guide explains the university’s Web standards, contains sample printed pieces, offers tips for planning a great event and includes an A-to-Z communications style guide to make sure written materials are consistent.

Chapter 1 — Introduction

How to use the USD Brand Manual.

Chapter 2 — Brand Personality

Learn how to refer to the university’s name in marketing materials.

Chapter 3 — Graphic Standards

Learn the standards for how to use the basic elements of our visual identity including logos, marks, and color palettes.

Chapter 4 — Print Standards

Learn the university's official fonts, how to incorporate the official master logo and tools for printed publications.

Chapter 5 — Communication Style Guide

A reference for the majority of the university’s written and electronic communications.

Chapter 6 — Business System Standards

Learn the standards for the university’s business system documents.

Chapter 7 — Merchandise Standards

How to use the our visual identity when creating apparel, promotional items or other types of merchandise.

Chapter 8 — Licensed Trademark Standards

The university’s trademark standards ensure that the uses of the university’s trademarks are compliant with the university’s policies..

Chapter 9 — University Signage Standards

Learn the standards for all internal and external signage for the university.

Chapter 10 — Web Standards

USD web standards are used to create consistency among university web pages and tie the university’s website to its other marketing efforts.

Chapter 11 — Event Planning Standards

The Office of University Events and Promotions is a service-oriented unit that coordinates events locally, regionally and nationally for the University of San Diego and its constituents.