USD Brand

The University of San Diego visual identity is more than just a name or a logo. It’s even more than reputation or image; it’s one’s immediate recognition of the University of San Diego and its mission, values and distinctions. Consistency in the way materials look and read will help the University of San Diego build and maintain its reputation. This vigilance will establish an image so distinguished that people will automatically associate the University of San Diego with a level of excellence that will be seen as an industry standard that others will strive to achieve.

The highest levels of leadership — including the Board of Trustees, the executive council and other campus leaders — are confident that to build and protect the university’s brand, deliberate campuswide measures must be taken to create a consistent approach to its visual identity and standards for communication.

To this end, the Department of University Publications is responsible for the procedures and guidelines that must extend across all academic units, athletic entities and dealings with commercial vendors.

James T. Harris III, DEd