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There is a preference for USD faculty awardees over visitors. There will be an annual publication with information on University Professors and other forms of recognition.

University Professorship Oversight Committee:

University Professorship Oversight Committee validates and monitors standards and process over time; members include one person from each School, two from the College, with three-year appointments (one-third changing each year).


  1. Dean accepts nominations and applications and has flexibility to use a consultation process appropriate for his/her academic unit.
  2. Supporting materials (resume and a summary letter indicating qualifications) forwarded by the dean to University Professorship Oversight Committee
  3. University Professorship Oversight Committee ratifies professorships; in the unlikely event of non-approval, request will be sent back to school/college dean for clarification/further information.
  4. University Professorship Oversight Committee forwards names to the President of the University for official appointment of University Professors.

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