Supplier Information

Payment Terms – The standard University payments to suppliers are made according to the payment terms indicated on the invoice. If terms are not specified, the payment terms are NET30.

Contract/Agreement – An agreement between two or more parties that contains the elements of a valid legal agreement enforceable by law.

Quote – A commercial statement detailing set of products and services to be purchased in a single transaction by one party from another for a defined price.

Contracts and quotes should not be signed and sent to the supplier prior to being reviewed by Purchasing and/or Legal Counsel if contract agreement is over $5000. All source documentation must be attached to the requisition.

W-9 – form requesting supplier identification, either a TIN number or Social Security number. A hard copy of a completed W-9 form must be sent to the Office of Purchasing before the Supplier Application can be completed. A form 1099-MISC will be issued at the end of the calendar year for all reportable income when applicable.

State of California Franchise Tax Board Nonresident Withholding – Payments made to out-of-state suppliers for services performed in California are subject to 7% state income tax withholding when payments exceed $1,500 in a calendar year. Included are corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships that do not have a permanent place of business in the state of California. Types of income subject to withholding include, but are not limited to, payments for services performed in California and payments of leases, rents and royalties for property (real or personal) located in California. No withholding is required on payments for goods. In addition, a supplier will be issued a Form 592B at the end of the calendar year for all reportable withholdings.

Change Existing Supplier Information - A change of information must be substantiated in writing and printed on the supplier’s company letterhead in order for Purchasing to validate the change.

Sparkletts contract for water filtration, office bottled water and coffee service.

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Office Depot Exclusive Office Supply Vendor Agreement Available Now

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