Read a profile about new Board member Jamey Power


Read a profile about new Board member Jamey Power

Jamey Power
(History alumnus gives back to USD)

Jamey Power

"USD is a rising star that continues to grow in quality and prominence thanks to its alumni, students and faculty."

Jamey Power

Why did you choose to attend USD?

It was (and remains to me) the perfect convergence of attributes: a smaller, liberal arts-based school, Catholic values, location and beauty of the campus…and it was a relatively new school that gave me the chance to be part of something new and on the rise.

How have you used your liberal arts education in your career?

It gave me an incredible foundation in conducting international business: working with people in different cultures, understanding consumers in these different markets and understanding the evolving role of the United States in the world. It also helped me develop as an analyst, writer, and public speaker.

"Looking back now, my history major helped me analyze complex situations, taught me how to listen and understand different perspectives and cultures, it prepared me as a writer, as a professional speaker, and as a businessperson."

Jamey Power

Please share your greatest accomplishment in your professional life.

Helping build our family business J.D. Power and Associates into a global business that affected markets (and consumers) on nearly every continent.

Why are alumni important?

A relatively young school like USD is continuing to develop. In the last 60 years it has developed magnificently in terms of her facilities, her faculty and her programs. One of the next steps for this school to achieve the next level of greatness is to build and enhance the alumni experience. If you think about it, the alumni are incredibly important to USD (and each other) because the USD brand is shaped by the success and impact that her alumni have on society. And, to add even more emphasis, think about why alumni are important to USD:

  1. Alumni are the largest stakeholder group in USD's affairs by number (over 50,000 alumni)
  2. Alumni are the only stakeholder group who will always remain with the university
  3. Alumni are the fastest growing stakeholder group – every year when freshman, transfer students and new graduate students enroll at USD, a couple of thousand new alumni join our ranks

I urge all alumni to find ways to become more involved in USD today. I have found the last 5 years of being involved again at USD to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I am serving on the Alumni Association Board for my third year and leading the task force charged with developing the AA's new strategic plan that will enhance the alumni experience.

Jamey Power

"I urge all alumni to find ways to become more involved in USD today."

Jamey Power

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

Not only does USD provide the same things that I was looking for, but also it has grown in quality, prominence, and facilities. It is unbeatable if you are looking for this type of education.

Describe your favorite memory from USD.

  1. Enjoying some of my classes outdoors
  2. Ultimate Frisbee games on the west field where IPJ is now located.
  3. Learning about the world with history professors Gump and Otte.

Complete the sentence "USD is…"

… A rising star that continues to grow in quality and prominence thanks to its alumni, students and faculty.

Quick Facts

  • Graduated class of 1985
  • Helped build J.D. Power and Associates with his father
  • Chairman, Class of 1985 Gift Campaign 25 Year Reunion
  • Majored in history at USD
  • USD Alumni Association board member

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