Area Students Compete in Constitution Challenge


Area Students Compete in Constitution Challenge

Washington Informer -- Walker Governor’s School Takes Honors Home

Shortly before 9:30 a.m. Monday, in Room 2237 of the Rayburn Office Building, seniors Maggie Chambers, Ishane Premarante and Logan Ferrell fidgeted at a small table waiting for the Constitution National Finals to begin. The trio, huddled close together, looked almost miniature in the broad space. Nervous energy from more than 100 participants and onlookers permeated throughout the hearing room and the tension only heightened when three judges entered. The crowd stood respectfully as Anne Ziaje, Mike Williams and Dr. Michael F. Anderson strode in single-file and took their places on elevated seats, then the room went silent.

“It’s remarkable to see where you are, with this backdrop,” said Anderson, dean of the New Mexico Highlands University School of Education in opening remarks. “Take stock of the experience, remember it forever.” (Full Story)

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