Strengthen International, Domestic Initiatives Against Drug Cartels, Report Says


HSTodayUS -- The United States must build up security cooperation with Mexico internationally while cracking down on money laundering, gun running, and drug demand domestically, recommended a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations Tuesday.

"Mexico is in the midst of a worsening security crisis," wrote report author David Shirk. "Explosive clashes and territorial disputes among powerful drug trafficking organizations have killed more than thirty-five thousand people since President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2006."

The report, The Drug War in Mexico: Confronting a Shared Threat, cites estimates that profits from the illegal drug industry reach about $30 billion per year, constituting about 3-4 percent of Mexico's gross domestic product.

Shirk, director of the Trans-Border Institute and assistant professor of political science at the University of San Diego, recommends a number of moves to blunt the economic appeal of drug trafficking while strengthening security measures to combat illegal drugs. (Full Story)

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