International Relations Major Jeremiah Young Aids In Katrina Relief


International Relations Major Jeremiah Young Aids In Katrina Relief

Ocean Springs, Mississippi — a town of fewer than 19,000 people — is located at the heart of the Gulf Coast on the eastern shore of Biloxi Bay. About 90 miles east of New Orleans, Ocean Springs was anything but immune to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. Census Bureau cites that in 2000, there were approximately 4,500 single-family homes in Ocean Springs, and a great number of them were damaged or destroyed in the wake of the hurricane. Despite the sweeping desolation, few national resources or aid groups rushed to help.

University of San Diego senior Jeremiah Young saw this near vacuum of aid four years ago, when he volunteered on the Gulf Coast as a relief worker. The next year, he returned to begin documenting the plight of the hurricane refugees. He wanted to shine a light on the victims who were either forgotten or ignored, using their stories to motivate others — especially those living outside the Gulf Coast — to lend a hand. Since 2005, Young notes, “There has been an almost exponential drop-off of volunteers each year after the storm hit. There are hardly any people coming back [to help rebuild].” (Click here for full story)

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