A Pre-O Reflection

Pre-O Adventure is a great way to meet new friends and learn about USD while having an adventure before classes begin. What better way to...

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A Pre-O Reflection

Am I a Changemaker?

Surely you have heard that USD is a Changemaker Campus, but you still might be trying to figure out what that means. Well the truth is...

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Am I a Changemaker?

Outdoor Adventures Pre-Orientation Adventure

Have an Adventure. Make New Friends. Get Connected. Learn about Life at USD. Challenge Yourself.

Pre-O Adventure is an optional program that helps ease the transition to USD by giving small groups of incoming students a chance to connect with amazing student leaders, meet new friends and have a better understanding of what to expect with college life at USD.

This year marks the 26th year that Outdoor Adventures(OA) has offered Pre-O Adventure trips. We are offering three trips to two spectacular locations incorporating a variety of outdoor activities for 2017. From the mild to the wild, these trips are as adventurous as you are.

Pre-O Adventure trips are designed for students with little or no outdoor experience, but there are some unique and challenging trips for the more seasoned adventurer. Financial assistance is available to students receiving need-based financial aid.  

We are excited to welcome you to USD and encourage you to learn more about the awesome trips planned for Pre-O Adventure 2017!

If you are unsure if Pre-Orientation Adventure is right for you, ask yourself... Do you want to meet new friends before orientation begins? Would you like to start school feeling more confident and prepared? Do you like eating great food while enjoying the great outdoors? We invite you to start your USD career off right by participating in a Pre-O Adventure trip!

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