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Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

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Volume 10, Number 2


Policy Dialogue: The New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States: Where are we now?

Volume 10, Number 1


SPECIAL ISSUE: Vertigal Integration in Peacebuilding

Policy Dialogue: Peace and Post - 2015 -- Into the Home Stretch

Volume 9, Number 3 2014

Policy Dialogue: The Journey Towards Resilience Continues: g7+ Priorities to Confront Ebola, Implement the New Deal and Influence the Post-2015 Agenda

Volume 9, Number 2


Policy Dialogue: Embedding Peace and Stability in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: A Civil Society View

Volume 9, Number 1


Policy Dialogue: g7+ Policy Update: On the Way to Resilience

Volume 8, Number 3


Policy Dialogue: Peace, Justice and Governance in The Post-2015 Development Framework

Volume 8, Number 2


Policy Dialogue: The g7+ and the new deal: an opportunity for south sudanese civil society enhancement

Volume 8, Number 1


Policy Dialogue: Peace in the Post-2015 Development Goals

Volume 7, Number 3


Special Issue: Infrastructures for Peace

The Evolving Landscape of Infrastructures for Peace

Volume 7, Number 2


Special Issue: Hybridity in Peacebuilding and Development

Hybridity and Policy Engagement

Volume 7, Number 1


JPD in Transition: Critical Reflections on the State of our Field

Volume 6, Number 3


Special Issue: Cooperation for Reconstruction, Peace and Transformation in Haiti

Cooperation for Reconstruction, Peace and Transformation in Haiti: Critical Reflections to Advance Aid Effectiveness

Volume 6, Number 2 2011
Volume 6, Number 1 2011 Islam, Peacebuilding and Development
Volume 5, Number 3 2010 Gender Violence and Gender Justice in Peacebuilding and Development
Volume 5, Number 2 2010 Strategic Frameworks and Peacebuilding: Current Trends and Critical Directions
Volume 5, Number 1 2009 Peace Operations and Development Interventions: Expanding Focus On Context, Politics, Participation and Transparency
Volume 4, Number 3 2009 Enhancing the Positive Contributions of African Culture in Peacebuilding and Development
Volume 4, Number 2 2008 Seeking the Forest through the Trees: Institutional Arrangements and Tools for Peacebuilding
Volume 4, Number 1 2008 Back to Basics: Reassessing our Analytical Models and Strategies to Strengthen Peacebuilding in Africa
Volume, 3 Number 3 2007 Peacebuilding and Development in Transitional Post-agreement Contexts: Improving Macro- and Micro-level Interventions
Volume 3, Number 2 2007 Security for People? The Role of Security Sector Reform in Sustaining Peace
Volume 3, Number 1 2006 Environment and Natural Resource-Related Conflicts: Moving Towards Transformational Approaches
Volume 2, Number 3 2006 National Ownership in Security, Peacebuilding and Development: Grassroots Activism, Institution Building and Policy Making
Volume 2, Number 2 2005 Peacebuilding and Development: Integrated Approaches to Evaluation
Volume 2, Number 1 2004 Building Socially Acceptable Peace and Development in Africa
Volume 1, Number 3 2004 Interventions, Local Perceptions and New Practices
Volume 1, Number 2 2003 Mapping Strategic Linkages: Development in Peace Processes
Volume 1, Number 1 2002 The Launching of a New Journal: Mapping Strategic Linkages Between Peacebuilding and Development