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Academic Programs

Peace and Justice Studies Minor

Peace and Justice Studies Minor

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2012-2014, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on October 1, 2014. Access the catalog of record at

Lower Division Distribution Requirement

All students are required to take PJS 101, to complete the Peace and Justice minor. PJS 101 provides historical and contemporary perspectives on the nature of conflict, the conditions of sustainable development, and strategies for global order. Students will explore the links among these issues as a means for understanding the obstacles to, and opportunities for, peace and justice. Depending on the home department of the faculty member teaching this course, PJS 101 is cross listed as a course within that department. For example, if the faculty member teaching PJS 101 is from the history department, PJS 101 will be cross listed asĀ HIST 116. PJS 101 can be applied to core curriculum, major, and minor requirements. For example, a History major and a Peace and Justice studies minor can take HIST 116 and thus fulfill the three unit core curriculum history requirement, three units of the history major lower-division requirement, and the three unit lower-division Peace and Justice studies requirement. PJS 101 is taught every fall semester by faculty from departments such as: history, political science, and theology and religious studies. Courses that may be substituted for PJS 101 include: ENGL 228; HIST 116;THEA 111; THRS 112 or ARAB 202.

Upper-Division Distribution Requirement

Students may satisfy the upper division distribution requirements by completing a thematic (conflict resolution, development and sustainability, international relations, or domestic justice) or regional (Asia, Europe, Latin America, or Middle East and Africa) focus. Students may select a maximum of two courses from any single discipline in either focus. Upper-Division Courses in the PJS minor may not be double counted in other majors and minors, although they can be counted for both the PJS minor and upper division core curriculum requirements. Honors courses or special topics courses not listed may count toward the minor, but such courses must be approved by the program director.

Thematic Focus

If choosing a thematic focus, select four courses from one of the following themes (no more than two courses from any single discipline).

Conflict Resolution
BUSN 377Negotiation in a Global Business Environment3
COMM 300Communication Theory3
COMM 338Media and Conflict3
ENGL 364Postcolonial Studies3
ETLW 311Business Law I3
ETLW 312Business Law II3
HIST 345Topics in Military History3
HIST 373Armed Conflict in American Society3
MGMT 300Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 303Interpersonal Relations3
MUSC 440WTopics in Enthomusicology3
PHIL 321Social Ethics3
PHIL 330Ethics3
PHIL 331Biomedical Ethics3
PHIL 332Business Ethics3
PHIL 340Ethics of War and Peace3
PHIL 360Ethical Theory3
PHIL 462Political Philosophy3
POLS 354Revolutionary Change3
POLS 377Regional Security3
POLS 378Transnational Crime and Terrorism3
POLS 382International Human Rights3
POLS 480Model United Nations1
PSYC 322Social Psychology3
THRS 334Christian Social Ethics3
THRS 335Catholic Social Thought3
THRS 390Holocaust: Death or God or Death of Humanity?3
Development and Sustainability
ANTH 320North American Indian Cultures3
ANTH 328Caribbean Cultures3
BIOL 460WEcology4
COMM 475Intercultural Communication3
ECON 308Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
ECON 333International Economics3
ECON 335Economic Development of Latin America3
ECON 337Economic Development of Asia3
ENVI 305Environmental Assessment Practices3
ENVI 315Geographic Information Systems4
ENVI 331WCoastal Environmental Science4
ENVI 355Environmental Chemistry3
ENVI 364Conservation Biology4
ENVI 485Environmental Geology4
ETLW 302DBusiness and Society3
ETLW 403Environmental Management3
HIST 368History of Africa3
HIST 369Issues in Modern Africa3
HIST 370American Environmental History3
HIST 380History of the American West3
HIST 382The Spanish Southwest3
MARS 474History of the Earth and Climate3
PHIL 338Environmental Ethics3
POLS 349Politics and the Environment3
POLS 352Comparative Politics of Developing Countries3
Domestic Justice
ARTH 356Race, Ethnicity, Art and Film3
COMM 445/445WGender Communication3
ECON 304Urban Economics3
ECON 322Labor Economics3
ENGL 358United States Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 374Gender and Literature3
ENVI 361Ecological Communities of San Diego County2
HIST 374Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 375Topics in Modern American History3
HIST 378Topics in United States Intellectual and Social History3
HIST 381American Indian History3
HIST 383Chicano History3
HIST 389History of California3
LEAD 353Professional and Ethical Issues and the Practice of Leadership3
LEAD 354Leadership and Diversity in Organizations3
PHIL 343Gender and Economic Justice3
POLS 304American Political Development3
POLS 322DConstitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties3
POLS 323Judicial Behavior3
PSYC 359DHealth Psychology of Women and Ethnic Groups3
SOCI 472Criminalizing Immigration3
THEA 375CTheatre and Community3
THRS 320Native American Religious Traditions3
THRS 356Catholicism in the United States3
THRS 368Lantino/a Theologies3
THRS 371Cults and Sects in the United States3
International Relations
COMM 380International Media3
ECON 333International Economics3
HIST 358Topics in Modern World History3
HIST 376United States Foreign Relations to 19143
HIST 377United States Foreign Relations from 19143
PHIL 333Legal Ethics3
POLS 327International Law3
POLS 370Theories of International Relations3
POLS 371American Foreign Policy3
POLS 376U.S. National Security3
POLS 380Theories of International Political Economy3
POLS 383International Organizations3
PSYC 324DCross-Cultural Psychology3
THRS 312The Hindu Tradition3
THRS 313Jewish Faith and Practice3
THRS 314Buddhist Thought and Culture3
THRS 315Islamic Faith and Practice3
THRS 321Afro-Latin Religions3
THRS 369Liberation Theology3

Regional Focus

If choosing a regional focus, select four courses from one of the following regions (no more than two courses from any single discipline):

ECON 337Economic Development of Asia3
HIST 364Topics in Asian History3
HIST 365History of China3
HIST 366History of Japan3
PHIL 476Studies in Asian Philosophy3
POLS 358Politics in South Asia3
POLS 367Politics in Japan3
POLS 368Politics in China3
THRS 312The Hindu Tradition3
THRS 314Buddhist Thought and Culture3
ARTH 334Art of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries in Europe and the Americas3
FREN 403Contemporary French Civilization3
GERM 303Cultural Backgrounds of German Civilization3
HIST 347Topics in Modern Europe3
HIST 348Modern France3
HIST 350History of the British Isles3
HIST 352The British Empire3
HIST 353Spain to 18203
HIST 354Modern Spain3
HIST 357Topics in Russian and East European History3
PHIL 474Studies in Contemporary Continental Philosophy3
POLS 355Politics in Europe3
POLS 362Politics in the United Kingdom3
POLS 363Politics in France3
POLS 364Politics in Germany3
POLS 365Politics in Russia3
SPAN 302Cultural History of Spain3
SPAN 427Studies in 20th and 21st Century Peninsular Literature and Culture3
Latin America
ANTH 327South American Indian Cultures3
ANTH 328Caribbean Cultures3
ANTH 334South American Archaeology3
ECON 335Economic Development of Latin America3
HIST 360Colonial Latin America3
HIST 361Modern Latin America3
HIST 362Topics in Latin America History3
HIST 363History of Brazil3
HIST 383Chicano History3
HIST 384History of Mexico3
POLS 357Politics in Latin America3
POLS 366Politics in Mexico3
POLS 374U.S.-Latin American Relations3
SPAN 304Cultural History of Latin America3
THRS 321Afro-Latin Religions3
THRS 369Liberation Theology3
Middle East and Africa
HIST 359Modern Middle East3
HIST 368History of Africa3
POLS 359Politics in the Middle East3
POLS 360Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa3
THRS 313Jewish Faith and Practice3
THRS 315Islamic Faith and Practice3
THRS 321Afro-Latin Religions3
THRS 382The Prophetic Tradition of Israel3

Capstone Requirement

All students are required to enroll in PJS 495Woffered every spring semester. As a capstone course, PJS 495W integrates the knowledge and skills students have acquired through coursework and experience. Students also develop a research project or paper in their area of thematic or regional emphasis.