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Trans-Border Institute

2016 Border Film Week Retrospective

There is something about film. Film has the power to transcend language, politics, even perspectives. Film can help us to visualize, give form to our imagination. What we struggle to see in our true lives, the landscape of waiting minefields of sentiment, feeling, and emotion. What we fail to fully capture in our true lives, the tiny particles that ignite motivation, action, or ennui. It can help us see better than we ever have the intimate details that make up human behavior, the contexts and choices that are the composition of our daily lives and the lives of others. Film is a way of sharing in the great universal imagination, a way of fully recognizing the ecosystem that we make and to which we are contributors.  

In film we learn stories. And the beauty of independent and documentary film is that story is made prominent. For the past ten years the Trans-Border Institute’s Border Film Week has brought to the University of San Diego campus and community a series of stories which collectively have tapped into our deep need to appreciate the distance between ourselves and our neighbors.

This year, in honor of the tenth anniversary of Border Film Week, we expanded the program to offer a broader range of experiences. In partnership with POLEN, an art and film collective based in Tijuana, we offered a carefully curated set of feature films covering the topics of racism, violence, and migration. We also invited the public to a greater appreciation of artistic expression by including media arts exhibits featuring artists Melisa Arreola, Kate Clark and Julio M. Romero.  As well, we widened the interactive options with exclusive workshops on film and photography from affiliated filmmakers and artists.

As a special presentation, we featured the work of student filmmakers from Francis Parker School, allowing us to give a little boost to those who aspire to see themselves move from the audience to a space behind the camera.

We give special thanks to those panelists, members of our local community, who agreed to join us as experts and discussants: Professor Ricardo Dominguez, UC San Diego; Julie Kuck, Clinician, Survivors of Torture; Professor Alejandro Meter, USD. We thank the filmmakers for allowing us to show their films, and especially honor those who joined us for the screenings: Ken Gonzales-Day, Renee Tajima-Peña, Paulina Sánchez, Indira Cato, Mariela Najera Romero.

Film Festival Art Installations Workshops

Run Up!
Ken Gonzalez-Day
(USA, 2015, 8 min)

Si Supieras
Ben Clark & Adam Linssen

No Más Bebés 
Renee Tajima-Peña
(USA, 2015, 79 min)

Tiempo Suspendido
Natalia Bruschtein
(México, 2015, 64 min)

Matthew Heineman
(USA 2015, 100 min)

Hotel de Paso 
Paulina Sánchez
(México, 2015, 98 min)

Llévate mis amores
Arturo González Villaseñor
(México, 2014, 90 min)

Paisaje Sonoro, Melisa Arreola

Prodigal Sister, Kate Clark

How to dismantle an
international border,

Julio M. Romero

Fact and Fiction: Directing contemporary documentaries
Instructor: Renee Tajima-Peña

Making the Cut: Film editing in contemporary cinema
Instructor: Xavi Carrasco

Images and words: Introduction to Film Project development
Instructor: Indira Cato

Visual Storytelling: Documentary photography
Instructor: Paulina Sánchez

The 2016 Border Film Week event took place from Feb 23-25

Border Film Week Images

BFW Retrospective 1

BFW Retrospective 2

BFW Retrospective 3

BFW Retrospective 4

BFW Retrospective 5

BFW Retrospective 6