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Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

Peace and Justice Update

The Peace & Justice Update is published by interns at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice and covers areas of interest to the institute based on field work or programmatic focus. The update is intended for students, faculty and staff.

The Fall 2014 Interns are:

Kathryn Adamson: IPJ Field Projects, Update on Cambodia

Kaitlin Meyer: Women PeaceMakers Program

Ray Krickel: WorldLink, Update on Nepal

Maria Hernandez: Women PeaceMakers Conference

Source information: Information presented in this update is condensed from wire and newspaper reports from Lexis/Nexis and from electronic sites on the web. Complete bibliographical information is unavailable from these services, but every attempt has been made to properly cite information and give credit to source materials.

This update is intended for use by university staff and associates for informational purposes only. The material in this update is condensed, and does not directly quote the primary source; information from the update should not be quoted. A list of sources used, with links, appears starting generally on page three of each issue.

Issues of the Peace & Justice Update are sorted by year of publication. Each issue is available here.














2001 - 2002*

*Please note the Peace & Justice Updates were not published from August 2002 through December 2002.

Any opinions expressed in the Update solely reflect the views of the individual Update author(s) and in no way reflect the official views and/or positions of the institute, its staff or the University of San Diego.